Nólsoy Travel Guide

By Verified Expert

The island of Nólsoy is a remarcable spot in the Faroe Islands. Almost wherever you are in the capital, Tórshavn, you will see this island and the highest peak Eggjarklettur with a peak elevation of 372 metres. Visiting the island is always rewarding.

In order to get to Nólsoy, you will take the ferry TERNAN from Tórshavn. The ferry operates several times a day. The ferry crossover takes 20 minutes.

Nólsoy island protects the capital, Tórshavn, from huge sea waves. On stormy days, the inhabitants in Nólsoy every now and then experience waves that crash across the island just next to the houses on the island.

There is a local grocery store on Nólsoy island. You will also find a café and bar on the island. The atmosphere on the island is always very relaxed.

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