Kallur Lighthouse and the 4 Best Faroe Islands Lighthouses

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Description: Kallurin Lighthouse
Description: Klik og træk for at flytte

Which lighthouses in the Faroe Islands should you visit? How do you get to these lighthouses? Here is your guide to 4 beautiful and perfectly located lighthouses in the Faroe Islands that will stay in your heart forever.

One of the most fascinating thing about lighthouses in the Faroe Islands is their locations. These coastal towers are nestled in the most incredible locations surrounded by wide-open spaces. You will find them along the coast on top of rocky cliffs and vast mountainsides. Lighthouses in the Faroe Islands are perfect attractions when seeking an outdoor retreat in untamed nature.

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You are gonna love the view from Akraberg Lighthouse. The lighthouse is situated on the very tip of the Faroe Islands when looking south.

People in the Faroe Islands have been dependent on the sea since the first Vikings settled here more than a thousand years ago. Lighthouses have been key for guiding sailors safely back home.

Now travellers are starting to notice the iconic locations of lighthouses in the Faroe Islands. If you are into photography or want to explore stunning sights, we recommend you to see these lighthouses.

Our list contains these four must-see lighthouses:

  • Kallur Lighthouse
  • Akraberg Lighthouse
  • Mykineshólmur Lighthouse
  • Nólsoy Lighthouse

All these lighthouses are remote, so you need to plan a trip to the Faroe Islands for four days or more in order to see them all. One lighthouse a day would be perfect, as you will have the opportunity to delve into other beautiful sights on the islands where these outstanding lighthouses are located.

1. Kallur Lighthouse

​Kallur Lighthouse is a view to remember. In order to reach the lighthouse, you will drive and go on a short boat ride before hiking for an hour or so. Photo by Victoria Ostapova also know as @vialma on Instagram.

Situated on the northern tip on Kalsoy island, Kallur Lighthouse is an absolute must-see. This exhilarating, unique and picturesque walk is certainly one worth bragging about.

When standing at Kallur Lighthouse, you will find yourself in the middle of beautiful surroundings, craggy cliffs and a rich birdlife. Truly a sight to remember.

Description: Sheep at KallurinDescription: Klik og træk for at flytte​Sheep are everywhere in the Faroe Islands also at Kallur Lighthouse. Photo by @rapalizzi11 on Instagram.

The hike to the lighthouse starts from the village of Trøllanes. Read our complete guide to get to Kallur Lighthouse or book a guided tour to this picturesque location.

If you want the famous photo with the lighthouse and the cliff Kallur in the background, then you need to walk 100 metres from the cliff-top and continue along the edge. This is definitely not for the faint-hearted. Actually this short walk can be quiet terrifying, especially if you are scared of heights. So you might just settle with the beautiful view and a photo of Kallurin.

2. Akraberg Lighthouse

​The most remote lighthouse in the Faroe Islands located in Akrabyrgi. The nearest village is the picturesque Sumba some 5 kilometres away. Photo by @Veingir on Instagram.

If you want to go south in the Faroe Islands, this is as far south as you get. Akrabyrgi Lighthouse, also known as Akraberg Lighthouse, is situated on the southern tip of the Faroe Islands. Take the ferry Smyril to the island Suðuroy from Tórshavn. The boat ride will take 2 hours.

When in Suðuroy, just head south to the southernmost village of Sumba. In Sumba, you will drive a couple of miles to Arabyrgi, an inhabited place with one of the world´s most fascinating locations for a lighthouse.

Akrabyrgi Lighthouse is the perfect retreat for nature lovers and introverts alike due to its remoteness and distance from urban life. Add to this the fact that the island, Suðuroy, is the most underrated place in the Faroe Islands.

3. Mykines Lighthouse

​Many travellers head to Mykines to see… this! The boat to Mykines sails from early May until late August. Photo by Smelov on Shutterstock.

Travellers primarily visit Mykines during the summer from early May to late August when thousands of puffins inhabit this westernmost island. If you want to visit Mykines off-season, you can go all year round by helicopter. It can be tricky to reach Mykines, nevertheless, as you can only start booking the helicopter to Mykines 7 days prior to take-off. Also, bear in mind that the helicopter only flies to Mykines a couple of times during the week so you have to sleep at the local guesthouse.

There are no puffins from September until April, nevertheless the famous lighthouse is precariously perched on the very edge facing the North Atlantic Ocean and offers magnificent photo opportunities in both summer and winter. Mykines Lighthouse is truly a unique experience.

4. Nólsoy Lighthouse

​The hike to Nólsoy Lighthouse is pretty long. The aerial view is worth the hike.

This tall white building is the oldest lighthouse in the Faroe Islands and it offers hikers with an aerial view of the vast ocean and an almost eternal horizon. In order to get to the lighthouse you must take the ferry to Nólsoy. The ferry departs only a few minutes away from Tórshavn city centre.

The island Nólsoy is located opposite the capital Tórshavn. The boat trip only takes 20 minutes. The hike from the village of Nólsoy to the lighthouse is moderately difficult and will take you 2,5 hours each way. Nólsoy Lighthouse is a fascinating place to visit all year around.

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