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The 10 Most Beautiful Lakes in the Faroe Islands

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Which lakes are the most beautiful in the Faroe Islands? Where can you find these lakes? Are they all accessible throughout the year? Continue reading and discover all you need to know about the natural wonders that make up Faroe Islands’s water world.

Tucked away amidst the North Atlantic Ocean, Faroe Islands is comprised of eighteen volcanic islands. Travellers come to this secluded and little known archipelago to soak in the stunning natural scenery.

In this untouched part of the world, you will find amazing lakes and lagoons dotted on different islands. They might vary in size but all make up unbelievable travel moments.

Each lake has its own special features. They offer a variety of opportunities for outdoor adventure and nature experiences. Here is the list of the most beautiful lakes in the Faroe Islands.

1. Lake Leitisvatn / Sørvágsvatn

The view of Lake Sørvágsvatn (also known as Lake Leitisvatn) from the Trælanípa cliff. Photo by Pawel Zygmunt.

Get a bird’s eye view of the Faroe Islands. Starting the list of the top 10 lakes is Leitisvatn / Sørvágsvatn. This is the largest lake in the Faroe Islands and the most famous. This floating lake covers an area of 3.6 square kilometres and it stretches 6 km from one end to the other.

The lake is located on Vágar islands between the villages Miðvágur and Sørvágur, right next to Vágar airport. The statue Nix sits in the lake and illuminates during the dark hours.

Should you call it Leitisvatn or Sørvágsvatn? That is the question.

Lake Leitisvatn
The floating lake on Vágar island. The view from this location is insane.

The lake’s name is a hot topic among the local villagers. The locals in Sørvágur west of the lake prefer Sørvágsvatn, while the people in the villages Miðvágur and Sandavágur to the east prefer Leitisvatn. If you ask travellers, they prefer to call it “The Lake Above the Ocean” because of the optical illusion that you will experience from the sheer cliff Trælanípan.

From Trælanípan you can walk to the waterfall Bøsdalafossur, which flows from the lake and into the North Atlantic Ocean. It takes 1 hour to hike to these attractions and you will walk along the lake all the time.

If you are fond of fishing, this is the perfect spot. An even more popular activity is to go for a kayaking tour on the largest lake in the Faroe Islands.

Location: Vágar island

2. Lake Fjallavatn

Are you a true mountain wanderer? Fjallavatn is located in the mountains on Vágar island close to the villages, Sørvágur and Vatnsoyrar, nearby Vágar airport.

Fjallavatn is the second largest lake in the Faroe Islands with 1.03 square kilometres. In order to reach the lake, you will follow the path from the tiny village Vatnsoyrar.

The trailhead is located where campers are parked in Vatnsoyrar. Remember to hike in good quality footwear as you will cross a river on your way to Fjallavatn. The hike takes about 2-3 hours each way. You will walk in peaceful nature and be rewarded with unspoiled views.

The hike is especially popular in the summer. This is the time when you can experience both sunrise and sunset within a short period of time.

When at Lake Fjallavatn, people usually hike further to the shore line where you will have a breathtaking panoramic view of Víkar. In this bay, you can occasionally get to see orcas and seals.

Location: Vágar island

3. Lake Sandsvatn

Amazing scenery. What else is there to ask for?

Sandsvatn is the third largest lakes in the Faroe Islands and the largest on Sandoy island. The lake lies between the villages Sandur and Skopun. It is 2 km long and 640 metres wide. The lake is nestled in untroubled surroundings and is popular among kayakers and sports fishers.

Kayaking on Lake Sandsvatn is a great and fun activity. This will give you a hands-on experience of the pristine natural wonders on this much appreciated lake on Sandoy.

Location: Sandoy island

4. Lake Toftavatn

Lake Toftavatn

Go for a walk around the beautiful Lake Toftavatn located on Eysturoy island. This is the fourth largest lake in the Faroe Islands and covers 0,51 square kilometres. The walk around the lake is approximately 3,5 km. There is a nice path all the way around Lake Toftavtan.

Enjoy the enchanting birdlife, the rich fauna and flora and pass by the statue of the Shepherd with his dog. A walk up the hill on your way around Toftavatn will take you to Faroe Islands’ first international football stadium Svangaskarð. The view from the top is magnificent.

Lake Toftavatn is featured in the TV-series TROM. Watch the crime drama and you will notice a small pink house by a lake. This is Lake Toftavatn. The shack is well hidden in the terrain and its colour is different from the one in the crime series.

Location: Eysturoy island

5. Lake Eiðisvatn

Lake Eiðisvatn on Eysturoy island.

When climbing the largest mountain in the Faroe Islands, Slættaratindur, you will spot Lake Eiðisvatn. Experience the panoramic view and watch as the sea birds come up to the lake for a stop. 

Eiðisvatn is located between the villages, Eiði and Ljósá in the northern part of Eysturoy island. It is the fifth largest natural lake in the Faroe Islands with a surface area of 0,5 square kilometres.

The lake was formed by a glacier in the ice age. Now the village Eiði uses the lake as a reservoir for hydroelectric power.

Location: Eysturoy island

6. Lake Leynavatn

Pristine waters on Streymoy island.

Leynavatn is one of the best location for sports fishing. Here you can catch both salmon and trout. The lake is situated on Streymoy island just beside the road when you head out from the subsea tunnel from Vágar to Streymoy island. The lake covers an area of 0,18 square metre.

Right next to Leynavatn, you will find a wide road where the locals horse riding races during summer. It is truly fascinating to see the horses run by the lake.

The world class restaurant KOKS sits Frammi við Gjónna only a stone’s throw away form the lake. The Michelin starred restaurant is located here in quiet surroundings. KOKS is closed in the Faroe Islands in both 2022 and 2023.

Location: Streymoy island

7. Lake Vatndalsvatn

Lake Vatndalsvatn offers you a spectacular heart-shaped nature sign. It is ideal for a romantic hike up in the mountains.

The lake is the third largest on Vágar island and is located above the village Bøur. In order to reach the attraction, you will hike up the mountain Eindalsfjall following the river Breiðá. The climb up is steep but definitely worth all the effort. It takes roughly one hour to hike to the lake. When you get to the lake, you will have a remarkable panoramic view of the west coast of Vágar, including Tindhólmur islet and Mykines island.

Location: Vágar island

8. Lake Hvannavatn

Lake Hvannavatn is located on Suðuroy island near the village Tvøroyri. It requires some hiking to get to the attraction. The hike starts just above the hospital in Tvøroyri.

There is a path all the way to the lake. Expect the hike to take 1 hour each way. Hvannvatn is known for its spectacular beauty and is a real hidden gem on Suðuroy island. The lake is easily accessible so make sure to explore this secret before the crowd discovers it. It sets a beautiful scene of the islands Lítla Dímun, Stóra Dímun, Sandoy, Koltur and Vágar.

Location: Suðuroy island

9. Lake Kirkjuvatn

Kirkjuvatn is located north of the village Fámjin on Suðuroy island. The lake is 0.2 km2 which makes it the largest lake on Suðuroy island. The hike to Kirkjuvatn is steep but once you have reached the highest point, you will see the lake. To reach your destination, follow the path that is visible behind the church in Fámjin.

Fámjin is a small village. The settlement comes with a peaceful and quiet atmosphere. The hike is especially popular in the summer and is made by both locals and travellers. Summer comes with endless daylight and late sunsets. When at Lake Kirkjuvatn, you can enjoy the lake as well as an undisturbed oceanic view. This location fulfils the very purpose of travel.

Location: Suðuroy island

10. Lake Pollurin

This is actually not a lake but a lagoon.

You must experience the unique location of the lagoon Pollurin. The lagoon is placed below the remote village Saksun. Actually, the first thing you will see as you get to Saksun is the Lake Saksunarvatn. Further down the road, you will get to the Pollurin lagoon.

When in Saksun, you can not miss seeing the iconic turf-roofed church. There is also a small village museum. This extraordinary location is all about feeling remote and enjoying the unbelievable nature.

The lagoon used to form a good natural harbour but during a storm it was blocked with sand. It is only accessible by small boats at high tide. At low tide you can walk on the sand out to the beachfront. As you walk by the sand, stunning waterfalls run down the steep mountain sides.

Location: Streymoy island

Make sure to put some of these top 10 lakes on your “to do list” when visiting the Faroe Islands. All these lakes are located in spectacular nature and unbelievable surroundings.

If you need any guidance, please contacts us. We do several tours to most of these lakes. Remember to take some photos for your memories and tag Guide to Faroe Islands, so we can share your lovely experience.

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