The Stunning Filming Locations in Nordic Crime Drama TROM

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Where was TROM filmed? Is the tv-series TROM filmed in the Faroe Islands? Which locations were used in the thrilling Nordic series? Continue reading to get the full picture of the first crime drama set in the Faroe Islands.

TROM is a crime drama set in the unbelievable Faroe Islands in the heart of the North Atlantic Ocean. The six-part show is a Viaplay Original. The crime drama first premiered in Denmark on 13 February 2022 and in the UK on July 9th on BBC Four.

The unbelievable landscape in the Faroe Islands is the perfect backdrop for the crime drama.

The series is written and created by Torfinnur Jákupsson and co-written by Donna Sharpe. The story is based on novels by Faroese crime novelist Jógvan Isaksen.

The show’s main actor, Ulrich Thomsen, plays Hannis Martinsson. TROM is directed by Kasper Barfoed and Davíd Óskar Ólafsson.

From left to right: Tórfinnur Jákupsson, creator of TROM, Olaf Johannessen, actor, Jógvan Isaksen, novelist, and Ulrich Thomsen, main actor in TROM. Photo by Finnur Justinussen.

Other actors include Olaf Johannessen and Maria Rich. TROM is aired in the languages Faroese and Danish and with English subtitles.

Here is your guide to the series TROM. The guide includes information about where in the Faroe Islands the series was filmed.


TROM Faroe Islands
Ulrich Thomsen as Hannis Martinsson in TROM. Photo by Finnur Justinussen.

BBC has a rich history in broadcasting the best series produced in the Nordic countries. The UK audience will also watch TROM on BBC. The crime drama has been acquired by BBC Four for the UK market. 

TROM follows the journalist Hannis Martinsson who receives a message from his daughter Sonja claiming that her life is at risk. Hannis heads home to the Faroe Islands and finds her daughter dead. 

TROM crew on location in the Faroe Islands. Photo by Finnur Justinussen.

When in search for the killer, Hannis gets into trouble with the police. He also unravels secrets within the tidy Faroese society.

There is a Nordic moodiness to the series. The Nordic-noir style is there in the show’s themes and in the wild landscapes throughout TROM.

Where was TROM Filmed?

The remote village Gjógv is feature in TROM.

TROM is filmed in the Faroe Islands. Have a look at the Faroe Islands on a map and you will be surprised how many stunning nature sceneries there are in the island group.

The unexplored sights in the Faroe Islands are for sure to steal the limelight when watching TROM. The series will inspire you to visit some of the best locations in the archipelago. Here is a list of filming locations in TROM:

  • Gásadalur
  • Tjørnuvík
  • Múli 
  • Gjógv
  • Lake Toftavatn
  • Norðradalsskarð
  • Oyggjarvegurin
  • Tórshavn

All these locations are amazing. You will find some of the most stunning nature in the areas where TROM was filmed.

Coastlines like these are seen everywhere in The Faroe Islands and in TROM. Photo by @whiskeywanderlust.

Gásadalur is where the famous waterfall Múlafossur is located. The village is featured in the series. Tjørnuvík is a secluded village on the main island Streymoy. Múli is an uninhabited village with a roll in the crime drama. Gjógv is a breathtaking settlement. Sonja’s mom lives in Gjógv.

Lake Toftavatn is located on the same island as Gjógv. There are great walking paths along the pristine lake. Scenes in the series are filmed in a small cabin located close to the lake. Toftavatn is among the most beautiful lakes in the Faroe Islands.

The view from Norðradalsskarð. This location is featured in TROM.

Norðradalsskarð comes with panoramic views of the isolated island Koltur. You will reach Norðradalsskarð when driving on the road Oyggjarvegurin. A car accident takes place on Oyggjarvegurin in TROM next to a windmill park in the mountains.

The 4 star Hotel Føroyar sits next to Oyggjarvegurin, which translates directly to the mountain road. The protagonist Hannis Martinsson stays at this hotel after he arives in the Faroe Islands. Check out this list of the best hotels in the Faroe Islands.

The only runway in the Faroe Islands. Vagar Airport is a filming location in TROM.

Scenes are also filmed onboard Atlantic Airways, which is the national airline company. You will also see scenes filmed outside the only airport in the Faroe Islands, Vágar Airport.

Velbastaður is also featured in the film. This is a hillside village on Streymoy island where Sonja lives. On the same island you will find Við Áir, an old whaling station in the archipelago.

The town hall in Norðragøta designed by Ósbjørn Jacobsen. The super cool building is featured in TROM.

The filming crew also did shooting in the village Norðragøta. Here you will see the local gas station, the cemetery and the local award-winning town hall designed by the renowned local architect Ósbjørn Jacobsen. 

A lot of scenes where filmed in the capital, Tórshavn. The National Hospital is used as a filming located and so is the Faroe Marine Research Institute. You can discover the filming locations in Tórshavn on this TROM Tórshavn Bicycle Tour.

The capital of the Faroe Islands, Tórshavn.

The Glasir College designed by Bjarke Ingels is also part of the series. The collage has been in news media such as Forbes for boosting the number of traffic lights in the Faroe Islands after the collage opened. Forbes listed this as a fascinating fact about the Faroe Islands.

The Faroe Islands is a nation surrounded by the sea. So the the harbour area in Tórshavn is also well represented in the series. The police station is located here. The small beach in Tórshavn Sandagerð is also featured in TROM. This is where the body of Sonja is found.

About TROM

Crashing waves in the village Gásadalur.

TROM is a crime drama with an environmental angle that touches on some of the themes that affect us all today. When the screenwriter Tórfinnur Jákupsson was three, he almost drowned. Ever since then, he has been fascinated by the ocean and the idea that what keeps us alive can just as quickly become our biggest threat. 

The people in the Faroe Islands are very closely connected to nature as well as each other, and that works as a framework for the series. The landscape and nature itself affecting and molding the characters as much as the other way around.

Ulrich Thomsen plays Hannis Martinsson in TROM. Photo by Finnur Justinussen.

To a certain extent, the Faroe Islands are the main character. The islands are among the safest places in the world, and the series reflects that for better or worse. It offers a lot of fun contrasts.

When you come to the Faroes, it feels like stepping back in time. But it is in fact a highly modern society. The whole of the Faroes are like a small town, but also a sort of modern wild west in the middle of the North Atlantic. 

Filming location in the village Velbastaður on Streymoy island. This is the house where Sonja lives in the series. Photo by Smit.

– The Faroese are a people with their own strong identity. At the same time, we’re still part of the Danish Kingdom, says the creator of the series Tórfinnur Jákupsson.

– We have a very dark sense of humour and don’t take things too seriously. At the same time we may often seem like very serious people. Many of these cultural things are interesting to play around with in the series, continues Mr Jákupsson.

Gjógv is where Sonja’s mother lives in TROM.

– We have attempted to create an iconic series, but that is a big challenge in itself. Nothing’s new under the sun. Not to mention the fact that it’s set in the Faroese, where no such series has ever been produced before. It’s been challenging but also extremely exciting. And TROM is hopefully just the beginning of something much bigger, ends Tórfinnur Jákupsson. 

TROM Jumpers

All jumpers in TROM are made by Navia, a local yarn and sweater manufacture.

The Faroe Islands are know for iconic jumpers and TROM is no exception. There are lots of characters in the series that wear different patterned jumpers.

Want to knit your very own TROM jumper? We got you covered. All jumpers used in the Nordic crime series are created by the local company Navia. Visit Navia and you can get the knitting patterns used in the series known from BBC FOUR.

Navia has made this brochure where you will find knitting patterns to the jumpers seen in TROM.

Planning to visit the Faroe Islands? Join this tour to Toftir and Norðragøta on Eysturoy Island. The tour includes a visit to Navia where you can touch and try these beautiful wool products.

People in the Faroe Islands are experts in utilising the resources surrounding them. The knitting tradition is strong and important for how Faroe Islanders see themselves. You will still see lots of hand knitted clothing when in the Faroe Islands. All the knitwear in the series gives the crime drama an extra dimension of authentic Faroese lifestyle as it was and still is.

Do you want to experience the Faroe Islands and the sceneries home to TROM? Make sure to check out the largest selection of tours and activities in the Faroe Islands. You can even opt for a sightseeing tour to TROM filming locations.

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