Múli Travel Guide

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Múli is an uninhabited village in the Faroe Islands. The now unsettled village is situated on the island Borðoy in the northern part of the archipelago. The last villagers left the settlement in 1992.

Important scenes in TROM, the first ever crime drama set in the Faroe Islands, were filmed in Múli. If you watch the series, you will recognise the filming locations when visiting Múli.

Múli - Guide to Faroe Islands
The uninhabited village Múli. Photo by Finnur Justinussen.

There are merely 10 houses in the empty village. In order to reach Múli, you will drive for 6 kilometres (3,7 miles) on an unpaved road from the village Norðdepil.

Múli is an attraction fo those who want to experience a small settlement away from the crowds. Múli has a peaceful feeling to it even if the surrounding mountains are steep and quite dramatic.

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