Norðdepil Travel Guide

By Verified Expert

Norðdepil is a small village in the Faroe Islands situated Borðoy island. The village is linked to the nearby village Hvannasund on Viðoy island by an embarkment.

Norðdepil is most known for being home to the only traffic light in the Faroe Islands located outside the capital city, Tórshavn. When entering the village and just before crossing the embarkment, you might very well end up waiting for the green signal.

The traffic system was installed in Norðdepil in the nineties in order to increase road traffic safety. The traffic lights have allowed for safe passage to commuters ever since. The traffic lights in Norðdepil are operated by Landsverk, which is the national road network authority in the Faroe Islands.

There are merely 60 houses in the village and a harbour area where small catamarans are moored. These boats are used by the salmon company Bakkafrost in order to get to the salmon pens located on the southern end of the sound between Borðoy island and Viðoy island.

Children in Norðdepil have their own school. The school is shared by children from Norðdepil and the neighbouring village Hvannasund on the opposite side of the strait.

Norðdepil is the last village before entering an unpaved road leading to the uninhabited village Múli. The village Múli is featured in the crime drama TROM where it plays a key role.

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