Norðradalsskarð Travel Guide

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Norðradalsskarð is a mountain pass in the wild Faroe Islands. The attraction is located on Streymoy island, the largest of the 18 Faroe Islands. Norðradalsskarð is easy to reach by car.

From this point you will have the unbelievable view of the deep valley Norðradalur and the small island Koltur framed out in the ocean. This popular attraction is a 15 minutes ride from Tórshavn.

Norðradalsskarð mountain pass is one of the most windy places in the Faroe Islands. During winter the wind speed will some days reach 120 miles per hour and even higher speed.​

The amazing scenery from Norðradalsskarð. Photo by @soh.nomadic on Instagram.

From Norðradalsskarð you will also experience the winding road leading down the mountain side to the farm in the Norðradalur valley. Norðradalsskarð is situated 270 metres (885 feet) above sea level.

The road from the mountain pass and down to the valley is 2,4 km (1,5 miles). The road suits all type of cars.

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