Faroe Islands in March | The Ultimate Guide

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Are you planning on travelling to the Faroe Islands in March? What will the weather be like? Will there still be snow in March? What is there to see and do in Faroe Islands in March?  Read on for all you need to know about the Faroe Islands in March.

People love to travel to the Faroe islands in March. Travellers say that the Faroe Islands have made some of the greatest memories in their lives when experiencing the Faroe Islands in this late winter month.

​The view towards the sea stack Geituskoradrangur. Photo by Raul Gomez Fernandez known as @raulhudson1986 on Instagram.

Flights, accommodation, and car rentals in the Faroe Islands are all cheaper throughout March as this month is still low season. Throughout the month the hours of daylight will increase, which gives you more hours to explore all the dramatic landscapes and seascapes.

The beauty and wonder of the untouched nature is easy accessible. You can enjoy the nature when finding your way along the first-class road network, which helps you make the most of your visit and sample as much as you can of the unbelievable nature in the Faroe Islands.

Things to do in the Faroe Islands in March

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The sea stacks Risin & Kellingin seen from the village Tjørnuvík. Photo by Anton_Ivanov on Shutterstock.

You will have a blast when visiting the Faroe Islands in March as you can witness the spetacular mountains and the brobdingnagian seacliffs. Standing just metres from the coastline with wind in your hair while looking at the sea that stretches endlessly across the horizon is a captivating experience. You can admire panoramic views from unspoiled fjords and delightful coastal settlements.

As there are very few travellers this time of year and the high season is yet to start, you will find most pleasure in a self-guided trip or when going on bespoke tours. Small tour operators are happy to take you on day tours so that you can experience all the must-do attractions on your Faroe Islands travel bucket list.

​The church in Viðareiði. The church lies next to the seaside.

Make sure to experience the most northernly village in the Faroe Islands, Viðareiði. The meandering coast when driving towards Viðareiði will take your breath away. Viðareiði is an out-of-this-world place in unimaginable solitude.

There are also other great attractions in the northern part of the archipelago reachable in March. Klakkur vantage point on Borðoy island is one of them. After a 30 minutes hike, you will get to the most fantastic view over islands and fjords in the north.

Kallur on Kalsoy island comes with many beautiful perspectives. Photo by thibault on Instagram.

Kalsoy island is always worth a visit. Here you can go on the classic hike to Kallur Lighthouse. The scenery here is as taken out of a movie (oh, this location is featured in the 25th James Bond movie No Time to Die).

Some attractions such as the Vestmanna Sea Cliffs are inaccessible in March as boat tours start later in the season. All villages on the larger main islands are accessible so make sure to visit settlements such as Tjørnuvík on Streymoy island and Gásadalur on Vágar island.

What’s the weather like in the Faroe Islands in March?

There is lots of water in the waterfalls on most days in March. This is Fossá waterfall. Photo by p_kuzovkova.

Both the weather and the scenery are ever-changing. The wind is likely to be howling at some point if you are in the Faroe Islands in March. This is the perfect time for watching breathtaking ocean waves crashing agains basalt cliffs around the glorious islands.

You can expect temperatures to range between 2 °C (36 °F) to 6 °C (43 °F), meaning that you will pack warm clothing as you might very well end up in a hailstorm. Even though the average temperature is above freezing point, you will see snow in the mountains and there can be days with snow.

 Sunrise TimeSunset TimeHours of Light
March 1st07.2917.5110 hrs 22 mins
March 31th06.5120.1313 hrs 21 mins

As for daylight hours, March sees greater light than the previous month. At the beginning of March, the sun rises at 7:30AM and sets at 18:00. The end of the month sees the sunrise at 7:00AM and set at 20:00.

Múlafossur Waterfall will bend its way down the cliff on windy days. Photo by @whiskeywanderlust.

Exploring this remote part of the world is for those with curiosity and thirst for adventure and new experiences. The Faroe Islands are isolated and the archipelago boasts unspoiled mountains, untouched seaside views, and gives you an unbelievable feeling of well-being.

Inspired to explore the Faroe Islands in March? Browse the largest selection of day tour and activities in the Faroe Islands and start planning your trip.

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