Faroe Islands in February | Everything You Need to Know

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What is there to see and do in Faroe Islands in February? What is the weather like? What do you need to pack when visiting Faroe Islands in February? Which activities are open this time of year? Read on for all you need to know about Faroe Islands in February.

Visiting the Faroe Islands in February will give you a feeling of having the entire Nordic archipelago for your own. There are very, very few travellers in the Faroe Islands in February. All destinations across the country will be much quieter than during the high summer season.

The pristine settlement Gásadalur. Photo by p_kuzovkova on Instagram.

The days slowly grow longer during the month of February. Faroe Islands are still quite dark in February as there are more hours of darkness than light each day. It is still winter but the weather is usually pretty mild.

You will not need as many days to explore the different sight when visiting this time of year. As most organised day tours and activities are not open in February, renting a car while you are here is essential for those who want to explore delightful settlements and unspoiled nature.

Most visitors are staying in Tórshavn but you should definitely take day trips outside the capital where you will see lovely waterfalls and rock formations that are rising from the waves. Tórshavn is on Streymoy island and you can reach eight other islands from Streymoy without sailing.

Most attractions are accessible in February such as Múlafossur waterfall and the quaint villages Gjógv and Elduvík on Eysturoy island. Staying in Tórshavn and driving on your own in a rented car is the perfect match when you want to visit the many iconic locations and main highlights.

Faroe Islands Weather in February

​The iconic football field in Eiði. Photo by Yannik Photography on Shutterstock.

The Faroe Islands are windswept in February. This is a great month to really experience the untamed wilderness and the gloriously islands. The average temperature will be between 2° and 6° celsius.

 Sunrise TimeSunset TimeHours of Light
February 1st08.5416.287 hrs 33 mins
February 28th07.3517.4810 hrs 16 mins

When you pack for Faroe Islands in February, there are some essential things to remember. This is what you need to bring with you.

  • Windproof jacket
  • Wool/thermal as base layer
  • Good boots
  • Wool socks
  • Warm hat
  • Gloves

If you should remember one thing when packing for Faroe Islands this time of year, keep wool in mind. Wool will keep you warm and the wind away.

​Mesmerising settings in the remote village Tjørnuvík. Photo by samucrds_ on Instagram.

Faroe Islands in February will secure you wide, open spaces. The archipelago has so much to offer this time of the year that you will find nowhere else. Serenity, fresh air, and Nordic happiness.

Faroe Islands in February are for those who want to do a self-guided trip to one of the world’s most remote destinations. February will unlock immersive nature experiences for those travelling to the Faroe Islands.

Planning to visit Faroe Islands in February? Start out by browsing the largest selection of things to do and see in the Faroe Islands.

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