Eysturoy Travel Guide

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Eysturoy is the second largest island in the Faroe Islands. The island holds many popular sights among them the most northernly village Gjógv. Nearby you have two other secluded settlements Funningur and Eiði.

You can get from the capital Tórshavn to Eysturoy island either by crossing the bridge in Sundini or by the Eysturoyartunnilin sub-sea tunnel. When choosing the latter option, you will enter the largest fjord in the Faroe Islands, Skálafjørðurin, when driving out of the tunnel’s mouth.

You will find Slættaratindur the highest mountain in the Faroe Islands on this island elevating 880 metres above ocean level. Another popular sight on Eysturoy island is the scenic spot Hvíthamar on the mountain ridge above the village Funningur.

The sub-sea tunnel Norðoyartunnilin is the port between Eysturoy and Borðoy island. You will get to the tunnel just after passing the village Leirvík.

Eysturoy is home to the salmon farming company Bakkafrost. The company is by far the largest enterprise in the Faroe Islands. The headquarter is situated in Runavík along the Skálafjørður fjord.

You can spot ocean farming pens several places near Eysturoy island run by local fish farming company Bakkafrost. You will see salmon farming pens when standing at Hvíthamar.

The remote village Gjógv in stunning surroundings.
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