Faroe Islands in October | What To See & Do

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What is there to do in the Faroe Islands in October? What kind of weather is there? Will there be snow? How many hours of daylight can travellers expect? Can I still venture on day tours? Continue reading to discover all there is to know about the Faroe Islands in October.

Visiting the Faroe Islands in October is worth it. The islands are still pretty much snow-free so this is the perfect time travelling around the country without worrying about roads covered in snow or icy mountains trails. Here are some of the top travel services for visitors of Faroe Islands in October.

Tindhólmur islet and the Drangarnir sea-stacks. You will find this breathtaking scenery near the airport and you might see it from the window when the flight is coming in to Vagar Airport. The best way to experience these landscapes is from a boat. Photo by @demirayoralphotography on Instagram.

For those who want to explore the Faroe Islands in a less conventional season, the Nordic archipelago has a lot to offer. October will let you discover nature and yourself. It is a relaxing experience as there are not that many travellers around.

Travelling to the Faroe Islands in October is for those who enjoy melancholic landscapes. It will let you get a true sense of connection to earth.

Travellers say the Faroe islands in autumn is all about enjoying the nature with ever changing clouds and sunlight as a backdrop wherever you are. There are fewer crowds at all the attractions people want to see.

What to do in the Faroe Islands in October

The church in Viðareiði. You will find the village on Viðoy island in the northern part of the country. Photo by @carlospimentel__ on Instagram.

It is getting darker and more windy during this month but you are in luck as there is a great selection of tours that are still running in October, although low season has just started.

What sort of day tours are offered? You can choose between traditional sightseeing tours or you can go for more adventure oriented tours throughout the country. No matter which tours or activities you choose, you will immerse yourself in the great outdoors. 

Kayaking in October

Kayaking on Lake Sorvagsvatn is an amazing autumn activity. You can rent your own kayak or go for a guided tour. Photo by Eugenia Di Pasquale known as @eugeniadipasquale on Instagram.

On calm days, paddling in a kayak adds something extra to your holiday in the Faroe Islands. You can rent a kayak on your own or you can join a guided kayak tour.

The most popular lake the experience from a kayak is Lake Sørvágsvatn also know as Leitisvatn. This is the lake that is elevated above sea level and looks like an optical illusion.

Hiking in October

The iconic church in Saksun. The village hovers over an tidal lagoon.

One of the most popular all-year round activities in the Faroe Islands is hiking. Several hiking paths offer rich awards for nature-goers. A guided hike from Saksun to Tjørnuvík will let you touch the silence and will provide you with uninterrupted views of these two stunning villages.

Along the route from Saksun to Tjørnuvík, you can take in the natural wonders around you while the dramatic mountain scenery serves as a backdrop. The mystery of the windswept mountains will surely add something extra to your travel.

Waterfall in Saksun. Photo by thibault on Instagram.

There are several fresh rivers between Saksun and Tjørnuvík where you can quench your thirst without worrying as this is pure fresh water ready for you to enjoy.

One thing to remember is to plan transfer from Tjørnuvík when you get there from Saksun. Check the bus route if you want a public ride from Tjørnuvík.   

Faroe Islands Weather in October

The sea can be quite rough in October as seen here in Gásadalur. On other days the ocean can be calm and perfect for boat tours.

You can always expect rain and wind, regardless of the season. Snow is not likely to fall but be prepared for anything as you might experience snow in the mountains at the end of the month.

You can always check the weather by visiting Landsverk’s website. Landsverk is the transportation network authority in the Faroe Islands and they keep on eye on the road conditions and everything.

The Seal Woman statue on the island Kalsoy. During windy days the seaside statue can be covered in surf. An amazing sight! Photo by @raulhudson1986 on Instagram.

The first sign of winter will come in late October when the roads can get icy. This is not that common though.

Remember to pack warm layers. This will ensure that you can enjoy the great outdoors no matter how the weather is like.

Húsar on Kalsoy island. Photo by thibault on Instagram.

As the days are shortening the Faroe Islanders start preparing for the dark and long winter. But this is also the month where you can enjoy the most spectacular sunsets and sunrises. The light can be extraordinary during the evening ours before the night falls. The morning can be just as mesmerising with breathtaking sunrises.

As a rule of thumb throughout the month of October days are shortening 6 minutes each day. So if you are in the Faroe Islands for a week, you will see the difference as it gets darker day by day.    

 Sunrise TimeSunset TimeHours of Light
October 1st07.3518.5711 hrs 22 mins
October 31st07.5716.248 hrs 26 mins

The time of sunrise does not change that much from the first of October to the las day of the month. But the days are three hours shorter in the end of the month mostly because sunset will be at 16.24pm at the end of the month.

Curious to experience Faroe Islands in October? Learn about Flights to the Faroe Islands and take the next step.

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