How to go hiking in the Faroe Islands

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How do you do when you want to explore the Faroe Islands in a pair of hiking boots? Can you hike in the Faroe Islands throughout the year? Read on to prepare for your hike and get to know the best outdoor store for your adventure in the Faroe Islands.

The Faroe Islands are a paradise for hikers. We always recommend that you go on a guided tour as weather conditions and visibility varies greatly. Always expect changing weather. You can find guided hiking tours all day in the year.

If you choose to go hiking without a guide, we recommend you to read this Hiking Guide from Visit Faroe Islands. There are some key things that you should be aware of when exploring the nature on your own.

The path in the remote settlement Saksun leading to the nearby lagoon and beautiful beach. Photo by Victoria Ostapova also known as @vialma on Instagram.

It is always good to be well prepared for your adventure in the Faroe Islands’ mountains. Here is your checklist when getting ready for a hike in the Faroe Islands:

  • Find your preferred route
  • Dressing in layers is key
  • Wear good clothing
  • Hiking footwear that will keep your feet dry
  • Bring a bottle of water
  • Snack and food
  • Fully charge your phone
  • First aid kit
  • Always check the weather forecast
  • In case of emergency dial 112

It is also a good idea to let someone know that you will be going on a hike in the mountains in the Faroe Islands. This is for your own safety and for the locals who genuinely care about the tourists in the Faroe Islands.

The wooden bridge linking the island Suðuroy to the rocky Rituskor cleft. Rituskor elevates 289 metres above sea level. Photo by Michael Franz known as @maufderlauer on Instagram.

Remember not to hike in rainwear as it is almost impossible to stop again if you should be so unlucky to slide on the mountain side. Rainwear increases speed instead of slowing it down.

And most importantly: Enjoy the breathtaking nature on your hike! You are gonna love the fresh air and the energising hiking opportunities in the Faroe Islands with views of the Atlantic Ocean and the many mountains, fjords, and small villages.

Sustainable Hiking

Safety is important when hiking. Respecting the pristine landscapes and wildlife is just as important. Here are some key things to know that will let you traverse the untouched sceneries and still keeping everything just as breathtaking as before your visit.

By following these simple guidelines, you will leave no lasting footprints in the moorland and grass covered hillsides. Let your camera do the working of immortalising your wander.

  • Leave no rubbish in nature
  • Stay on designated paths at all time
  • Do good at gather loose sheep wool and litter on your way
  • Enjoy the wildlife but do not get up close to birds and nests

When following these principles, you will both protect the nature and enjoy it. You will contribute to keeping the Faroe Islands untouched.

When fog is there

There are quite a lot of days when the fog appers out of nothing before you know it. Photo by Sandrine Michelmore.

The Faroe Islands are known for their fog. The number of foggy days varies greatly from one island to another. On average Mykines has 100 days of fog, which is twice as many as occur in the Tórshavn area.

The dense type of fog that covers everything occurs mostly in summer-time. For anyone caught in the mountains by such a fog, it is dangerous to move away from the cairned routes. Usually the fog lifts as suddenly as it came, and the best thing is to sit out.

You want to be well prepared when going on a hike in the Faroe Islands. Fog is common throughout the year in the Faroe Islands. Photo by Julia Pylak also known as @letsgoto_pl on Instagram.

Fog and rain may suddenly change into the most glorious summer weather. There are some 3500 registered cairns in the Faroe Islands. They have always been used as guidance in fog and in bad weather.

Always take care when out in the mountains. Pay extra attention near cliffs, especially in wet weather and strong winds.

We recommend you to use the app FATMAP, which will give you a 3D map in high resolution. It is a great to have when planning your adventure.

Finding hiking gear in the Faroe Islands

​Selection of the gear that will do good when you hike in the Faroe Islands.

Before you go hiking to popular sights such as Slættaratindur or Kallur Lighthouse, you can ramp up your outdoor adventure in the Faroe Islands by visiting the local outdoor store Jógvan Weihe. The store is situated in the outskirts of Tórshavn where you will find the most comprehensive source for outdoor and hiking gear.

Besides tents, outdoor equipment, backpacks, and clothing, the staff is keen on giving you the newest tips and up-to date expert advice about the weather in the Faroe Islands and exciting hiking routes.

You will find grassy terrain like this everywhere in the Faroe Islands. Photo by @ whiskeywanderlust.

At Jógvan Weihe you will find gear for day-hikes as well as for multiple-day trekking such as cookware. You can discover the huge range of equipment especially selected to the changing weather conditions in the Faroe Islands.

Jógvan Weihe is only a 10 minutes drive from the city centre in Tórshavn on the way to the Havnardalur valley. Public busses are also stopping on Velbastaðvegur just 200 meters from the road Stiðjagøta where you will find the outdoor store Jógvan Weihe.

When asking for hiking routes, you will be told to always stay within designated paths. It is also recommendable to hike with others. It is far safer to be more than one person in case of emergency.

During your hikes, remember always to bring with you rubbish and stuff like that. This will give you respect among the locals and you will at the same time preserve the unspoiled nature that is the signature feature of Faroe Islands tourism

A classic view from the vantage point Hvíthamar on Eysturoy island. The hike to Hvíthamar requires very little effort. The view are unbelievable. Photo by Sandrine Michelmore.

Guide to Faroe Islands is for those who want a trip that matters. Start planning and enjoy your adventure!

Inspired to venture into the uncrowded nature in the Faroe Islands? Make sure to browse the largest selection of guided hiking tours in the Faroe Islands and take the next step.

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