How to Travel Faroe Islands on a Budget

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Want to save money while travelling the Faroe Islands? Planning a trip at the lowest cost possible while having the time of your life? Visiting the untouched Faroe Islands doesn’t need to come at a high price. This guide will secure you travel moments worth every penny.

Located far away in the swell of the North Atlantic Ocean, visiting the remote Faroe Islands sounds anything but cheap. The islands might not be the most wallet-friendly destination although there are definitely ways to keep costs down.

Gone are the days when the archipelago was inaccessible. There are more ways to get to the islands than ever. Same goes for accommodation options. Keep reading to get an insider guide to stretch your budget when exploring unbelievable nature in the otherwise quite expensive Faroe Islands.

General Tips to Save Money in the Faroe Islands

Puffin flying
Puffins roam the Faroe Islands. Photo by @tjbetrippin on Instagram.

Book in advance – as in ADVANCE! You can save a lot of money by avoiding a last minute booking. This applies to everything from flights to accommodation to guided tours to almost everything. Booking prior to your arrival is key. 

Go visit your friends, look up the Faroe Islands. Watch them becoming more and more inspired while scrolling through the pictures and BOOM! You just saved some money by collecting a group of people to join your trip. Travelling together as a group will let you share the costs of heavy expenses such as car rental, food and accommodation.

Woman taking photo
Boat tours will get you to places otherwise inaccessible. They come at a reasonable price. Photo by Chris Poplawski.

Another good thing to know is that low-season travel is so much cheaper. Travel in the low season between October and April will make a difference.

There might be less tours available to book. No worries though. There will still be plenty of options as lots of beautiful attractions are still open and ready to book. 

Guide to Faroe Islands makes it easy for you to enjoy your time here whenever you visit. You can pick your month of arrival and this way open up all the available tours bookable when you plan to visit.

The rainwater that runs through the grassy slopes on the islands is fresh and ready to drink. Photo by Mads Fyllgraf.

One more thing, not to forget – bring your own water bottle and use it throughout your trip. You can drink the tap water no matter where you are in the Faroe Islands. Tap water is actually even purer and better than those commercial bottles bought in supermarkets. How awesome is that?

  • Buy flights in advance
  • Reserve accommodation in advance
  • Book tours & activities in advance
  • Travel with friends
  • Travel in low-season
  • Bring a water bottle (the Faroe Islands come with the best tap water in the world)

Follow these general tips and you are being careful with your money. You will do so without compromising with the full experience of the islands.

Getting to the Faroe Islands on a Budget

So either you convinced friends to go or you come as a single traveller. Now you want to get here the cheapest way possible. As the Faroe Islands are located in the heart of the North Atlantic Ocean, there are two options to get here – flight or ferry. 

Flight to the Faroe Islands

Airplane take-off in the Faroe Islands
Flight take-off at Vágar Airport. Photo by Ólavur Frederiksen.

Book in advance! There are always money to save when booking in due time. If you fly with the local airline company Atlantic Airways, you can bring lots of luggage at no extra cost.

You will see that there is always 23 kg of luggage included in any Atlantic Airways flight ticket. This will allow you to bring either a lot of clothing, gear or even better if you are traveling on a budget – bring some food with you.

Ferry to the Faroe Islands

Sailing to the Faroe Islands is all about slow travel. Photo by Mads Fyllgraf.

The ferry Norröna links the Faroe Islands to continental Europe and to Iceland. Norröna departs from Hirtshals in the north of Denmark and from Seyðisfjørður in the east of Iceland.

The pros of getting to the Faroe Islands by ferry from continental Europe is that you can bring your own car and save the car rental. Renting a car locally is usually the most expensive part of the trip. Furthermore, you can bring a lot of food from home.

How to Sleep well yet Cheaper!

You will find cute grass-covered accommodation options in most villages. Photo by Mads Fyllgraf.

Good, so you booked your flight as soon as it came to your mind that you wanted to explore the beautiful archipelago far away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life. You are already well on your way to cut costs significantly.

Now you want to know how to save money on accommodation. You’re sharp! You figured out this could make you afford going on that cool boat tour you saw in a reel on Instagram this morning.

Looking for accommodation comes down to a lot of individual needs and depends on your priorities and how minimalistic you are willing to be. The three options mentioned in this guide are AirBnB, Workaway and camping.

Airbnb in the Faroe Islands

Gras-roofed house
You will find lots of charming houses around the islands. Photo by Mads Fyllgraf.

There are some pros and cons depending on your choice. AirBnB is by far the most expensive one of the three. This option does still come with some good benefits.

You are guaranteed a nice warm bed to return to after a long day in the beautiful nature. There is likely also a cozy little corner where you can hang out together in the evenings. 

Normally you also have the opportunity to cook your own meal as there is a free-to-use kitchen. This is where you have the chance to work wonders on your budget. Buy your food at one of the nearby Bónus stores (a cheap grocery store in the Faroe Islands).

The food you find in Bónus is often cheaper than many other places on the islands.

Make every single meal by yourself including packed lunch for your day tours. This will save you a lot of money as dining at restaurants comes at a price.

If you choose to go with the option of staying at an AirBnB, remember to book in advance! If you’re out early the chance of getting exactly what you want is much bigger as the accommodation options are limited, especially in the smaller villages such as Bøur and Velbastaður.

Camping in the Faroe Islands

Camping in the Faroe Islands
You will enjoy the fresh air when camping the islands. Photo by Jonathan Steinhoff.

Now you might be in love with the thought of staying at an AirBnB, but hang on. Camping in the Faroe Islands is another very good option. You can easily keep your budget tight when sleeping at campsites.

Be aware, though. You are visiting the land of maybe and the weather changes a lot. Please don’t bring a cheap pop up tent from amazon. In the summer, the weather allows for easier times at the camping area. 

The price for a tent spot is usually around 100 DKK for each adult (a lot cheaper than AirBnB). At you can read about the different campsites and see whether there is a kitchen to use or just a spot to sleep.

Vestmanna Camping
Vestmanna Camping lies well protected from wind. You will find the popular boat excursion to the sea cliffs north of Vestmanna next to the campsite.

Vestmanna Camping is the best equipped campsite in the archipelago. There is even a reasonable priced grocery store next to the campsite in Vestmanna.

Another thing to consider is finding a place outside Tórshavn as the prices will drop. If you go for a rented car, you might be able to consider this. The pros when staying in Tórshavn is that you are close to the Tórshavn bus terminal, which gives you a bit more flexibility.

Work and stay for free

Want to experience an authentic stay while you are here? You can save quite a lot of money by finding a host on Workaway.

Save money on board and lodging, work for the host during the day and go on some of the amazing boat tours in the weekends or on evenings when you are free to go. This ads a personal touch to your trip.

How to Get Around the Faroe Islands on a Budget

Grass field in the Faroe Islands
Secluded piece of nature. Photo by Mads Fyllgraf.

If you made it all the way to the Faroe Islands by bringing your own car on the ferry from Denmark, then you are all good getting around here. Road tripping is a comfortable way of traveling the islands as everything is very close knitted. 

Gasoline taxes are low which means that the fuel is quite cheap. Be aware that you have to pay a toll to go through the sub-sea tunnels when entering some islands.

Eysturoyartunnilin connects Streymoy island to Eysturoy island. You need to pay a toll fee when driving through the tunnel. There is a free bridge alternative when travelling between the islands. The bridge is free of charge. Photo by Ólavur Frederiksen.

When passing one of the underwater tunnels, a photo of your license plate will be registered automatically. If you bring your own car, then you will pay for the underwater passage online. Remember to do so no more than 6 days after your tunnel visit.

If you’re staying for a longer time and use the tunnels a lot, you can opt for a subscription. This will cut off a lot of the price for getting from one island to another.

Those who rent a car in the Faroe Islands will not pay for the underwater tunnels online. The car rental company will charge you directly when returning the car.

Car and unpaved road
Roads in the Faroe Islands are well maintained. This is an off-road path on Nolsoy island. Photo by Mads Fyllgraf.

As you pay a toll to go through the sub-sea tunnels, be sure to plan your visits well to the different beautiful islands. By doing so you don’t have to pay the toll once again if you afterwards get to know about one of the amazing hikes you can’t leave the Faroe Islands without having completed.

The cheapest way of getting around on the Faroe Islands is for sure hitchhiking. You can’t be sure to go wherever you want. This type of transport will however super budget-friendly.

Without saying that hitchhiking is an easy means of travelling around, this is definitely doable. Faroese people are very kind and you may be lucky that they will drive a detour to drop you off where you want. 

Another thing to bear in mind when going to some of the beautiful islands such as Kalsoy or Suðuroy on your stay here is to eventually park your car at the ferry ports. You can either walk onboard or ask other travellers if they are interested in sharing the cost of bringing a car by carpooling. 

Renting a Car

Grassy valley
The islands are made for an adventurous road trip. Photo by Mads Fyllgraf.

If you are planning to rent a car, be sure to check up with the rental company about tunnel taxes. We’ve made it very easy for you to rent a car with Guide to Faroe Islands. A good tip is that you don’t necessarily have to rent the biggest 4×4 vehicle. Travellers say the infrastructure is impressively good.

Renting a smaller car will at some times give you advantages as some of the roads you will be driving can be narrow. Generally it is a good idea to rent your car at the airport as additional costs will be added when pickup and drop-off locations are changed.

Public Transport

Maybe you’re a student trying to travel as cheap as possible no matter how primitive it’s going to be. You can easily save money if you travel like a local with public transport. It requires some planning when traveling around with public buses. Check the timetables for the public buses in the Faroe Islands

As a student with valid proof, you get a 20% discount on single tickets. This also applies to the public ferries.

Hop on bus route 350 from Tórshavn to the remote village Gásadalur. This and all other route come with a student discount. Until recently this famous settlement was only accessible by hiking on foot over the mountains. A must-see for many visitors and for a good reason.

City bus
The red city busses in Tórshavn are free. Yes, they are free of charge for everyone!

All the red buses in the municipality of Tórshavn are free to use. You can actually go all the way to Kirkjubøur with the red bus for free. Take advantage of that one!

From near the old little village Kirkjubøur, you have the chance to go on a thrilling boat tour to Hestur Island. The ride will let you experience spectacular and raw nature from the seaside.

Taste the Faroe Island while Travelling on a Budget

People fishing
You will enjoy fishing the waters around the island group. Photo by Mads Fyllgraf.

You are never more than 5 km away from the sea when in the island group. Fish and seafood has always been an important part of Faroese cuisine.

Unless you join a fishing tour and catch your own dinner, you might want to taste the Faroese fish before leaving the archipelago. In the heart of Tórshavn you find Fish & Chips. You won’t find a more budget-friendly place to visit for a taste of freshly caught fish from the seas around the Faroe Islands.

Get a SIM Card in the Faroe Islands

Woman talking in phone
If you can’t roam cheap when abroad, make sure to buy a sim car as soon as you get to the Faroe Islands.

Are the Faroe Islands included in your data roaming subscription? If not, this is how to use your phone without getting ruined.

You will for sure need to share all those beautiful pictures from your trip. There are so many picture-worthy locations around the islands. At NEMA you can buy a starter kit including everything you need for your trip here. For a bit more than 200 DKK, you can stay connected when in the Faroe Islands. 

You will get a sim card with a Faroese +298 land code number. It will let you roam for 5GB, let you talk and text friends and family. You will be surprised how excellent the mobile connection is across the Faroe Islands even at some of the most remote places.. 

Head to NEMA’s HQ in Tórshavn at Smyrilsvegur 5 and grab your mobile starter kit. It will easily save you money.

Affordable Tours when Travelling on a Budget

Vestmanna Sea Cliffs
The Vestmanna Sea Cliffs will secure you an absolutely fantastic experience.

Joining a boat tour is a must when you want to get close to both nature and culture. Some boat tours are made throughout the year.

Make sure to book the Original 1.5 Hour Vestmanna Sea Cliffs Boat Trip. This amazing tour comes at a reasonable price.

Fishing tour
Fishing in the Faroe Islands is something else. Photo by Mads Fyllgraf.

The boat tour will get you to those stunning sea cliffs that you’ve heard so much about. If the weather permits, you also get the chance to sail through rocky gorges.

Catch your own food on this Excellent 4 Hour Fishing Trip in Vestmanna. Getting your own dinner while surrounded by beautiful mountains is very cool. A local fisherman will sail you to the best fishing spots near Vestmanna. Catch is guaranteed so this will actually save you money for the dinner as well. 

Kayaking is among the cheapest activities in the Faroe Islands. Photo by Mads Fyllgraf.

Explore nature in a kayak. If you want to experience the unbelievable nature in a different way, make sure to go for one of the great kayaking tours available on different islands.

Pick the tour that suits your itinerary the best. Bus route 300 will take you from Tórshavn to Miðvágur. This is super close to where the kayaking tour on Vagar Island starts. From this village you will also be able to find the entrance gate to the Trælanípan hike (be aware of the hiking fee).

Kayaking tour
Kayaking on Lake Leitisvatn. Photo by Mads Fyllgraf.

Quench your thirst surrounded by nature. We also offer affordable tours for the thirsty travellers. Check out this fun Beer Brewery Tour in Velbastaður. The tour is your ticket to the prize-winning brewery Okkara.

You will get a feel of the growing beer culture and taste fresh craft beer. You can jump on a bus for free from Steinatún Terminal in Tórshavn and arrive at the brewery 15 minutes later. For a traveler on a budget it doesn’t get better than this.

Free Things to do in the Faroe Islands

Statue in snow
The Tarira statue sits in the park in Tórshavn. Photo by Marita Gulklett.

There are several free attractions to enter around the archipelago. When in the capital Tórshavn, go for an outdoor art hunt in the city centre. There are lots of beautiful sculptures to enjoy for free like the Tarira statue in the park Viðarlundin.

You can also go for a stroll in the Havnardalur valley in the outskirts of Tórshavn. This is a peaceful activity perfect for one of your evenings. You can also bring some food to enjoy on one of the benches in the area.

When in Tórshavn be sure to go for a walk in the charming old town in Tórshavn (Á Reyni). Stroll around in the narrow winding lanes between these 14th century houses that people still live in and experience this unique mix of old and new.

Tinganes is the oldest part of Tórshavn. Buildings here are red. Many are covered with turf on the roof. Photo by Mads Fyllgraf.

Explore the Nature for Free

At some hiking trailheads, you will meet a requirement to pay a fee to enter. While these locations are good, they are also quite touristy. No worries as you are spoiled by choice on so many off-the-beaten path sceneries free to enter.  

The Faroe Islands offer you plenty of unspoiled hiking trails free of charge. These meandering paths will secure you unforgettable vistas worth remembering in the years to come. Leave your wallet at home and check out the free hiking routes in the Faroe Islands packed with epic views.

Kallur Lighthouse
The outstanding view from Kalsoy island. Photo by Mads Fyllgraf.

Remember to leave no trash behind along the way. If you even pick up any trash you find, you are soon to get high fives from the locals. A general rule of thumb when in the great outdoors is to show respect for people, animals, and nature.

All the tips here will stretch your wallet. Follow them and you’re ready to explore the Faroe Islands without blowing your bank account.

If this guide made the Faroe Islands go all the way to the top of your bucket list, we will be more than happy to welcome you. One thing is for sure, you are guaranteed awe-inspiring nature. Now you know how to explore it all at a fair price.

Ready to take the next step? We are here to help you plan your trip! Go check out the 18 Things to Know for your First Trip to Faroe Islands.

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