The Ultimate Kalsoy Island Travel Guide

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Planning a trip to the famous Kalsoy island (or wishing you were)? We’ve got you covered with all the information you need about this stunning island in the far north. Continue reading the ultimate guide to Kalsoy island.

Situated in the northern part of the Faroe Islands between Eysturoy island and Kunoy island, Kalsoy island is home to some of the most sought-after attractions in the secluded Nordic archipelago. This dramatic island boasts uncrowded nature and breathtaking views, which makes a day trip to Kalsoy island a popular bucket-list item. 

Remember to read through, as we have collected some of our amazing tours in and around Kalsoy island including the OFFICIAL James Bond Tour!

Kalsoy island is blessed with unbelievable sights. There are lots of out-of-this-world landscapes where you want to sit down a soak in the secluded nature.

This guide will serve you everything you need to know about Kalsoy island. From how to get to the island, where to go, what to do and more!

About Kalsoy Island

The northernmost part of Kalsoy Island. Nestindar is the highest peak on Kalsoy island. Photo by @dom_reardon_photo on Instagram.

Kalsoy island is home to the James Bond filming location in the Faroe Islands. The dark and mysterious nature scenes that you see in the movie No Time to Die are filmed in Kalsoy island. The film features scenes from both the admired Kallurin promontory and the village Trøllanes. James Bond dies when standing on Kallurin looking out the horizon.

There is more to Kalsoy island than James Bond scenes. Make sure to see the statue of the Seal Woman in the village Mikladalur and enjoy all the sheep that are wandering around the streets. The serenity is unreal.

Today there are four villages on the island. There were once five settlements but in 1812 the village Blankaskáli was ruined by landslides. Now you can visit these villages:

  • Syðradalur (7 inhabitants)
  • Húsar (34 inhabitants)
  • Mikladalur (29 inhabitants)
  • Trøllanes.  (14 inhabitants)

You will find all four villages on the island’s east coast. Here you have grass covered slopes and a peaceful shoreline. You also get a great view towards the neighbouring Kunoy island.

Mount Borgarin next to Kallur Lighthouse. You will get one of the most striking views of the isles from this attraction. Photo by @soh.nomadic on Instagram.

The west coast on Kalsoy island is made out of a wide basalt wall. This side is inaccessible and uninhabitable.

One thing the northern islands all have in common is their high peaks, and Kalsoy island is no exception. Kalsoy island has 13 peaks with the highest peak Nestindar rising 787 m (2,582 ft) out of the ocean. This is only 93 m (305,1 ft) lower than the highest summit in the Faroe Islands, Slættaratindur.

Feeling wanderlust yet? Keep on reading and learn all about how to get to Kalsoy Island!

How To Go To Kalsoy Island

The ferry heading from Kalsoy island to Borðoy island.

There is only one way to get to Kalsoy island. Pristine waters separate Kalsoy island from nearby eastern neighbours Kunoy island and Borðoy island. You will need to take a ferry to reach Kalsoy island.

The ferry departs from the town of Klaksvík, which is accessible from the capital, Tórshavn, when following Route 10 or by bus Route 400. The bus is payable on-site with cash or credit card.

Kalsoy on a winter’s day. Photo by Pawel Zygmunt.

Upon arrival in the beautiful northern town of Klaksvík, head to the harbour area. The ferry port is located between two gas stations named EFFO and Magn. This is where the Kalsoy island ferry SAM departs. 

The ferry has a very limited vehicle capacity. There is space for 12 cars only.

The authorities strongly recommend people not to bring their own vehicle to Kalsoy island. This is due to the small car capacity on the Kalsoy island ferry and due to the island’s infrastructure.

There are several narrow and dark mountain tunnels on Kalsoy island. These tunnels are not made for many cars let alone inexperienced tunnel drivers.

No worries when sailing to Kalsoy island without a car. This popular Kalsoy Island & Kallur Lighthouse Tour will get you to the heart of what the island is all about. Nature and unforgettable views!

The island on the left hand side is Kalsoy island. The ferry from Borðoy island is here sailing to Kalsoy island.

Alternatively, you leave your car next to the ferry port. Parking is free here. There is room for about 120 passengers on the ferry. The ferry is never fully booked for foot passangers. If you decide to walk onboard the boat, you can simply show up just before departure and you are good to go.

If you really want to bring you car to Kalsoy island then make sure to show up early. You should stand in the car line at least one and a half hour prior to departure. 

SAM will take you to Kalsoy island with comfort and style. The ferry departs several times a day all year around. The ever changing weather conditions in the Faroe Islands are never a challenge on the route to Kalsoy island. 

Inside the ferry to Kalsoy island. The ride from Borðoy island to Kalsoy island takes 20 minutes.

Whilst waving goodbye to the charming Klaksvík and breathing in the fresh North Atlantic Ocean air, you will buy your ferry ticket onboard (no pre-booking option available). After enjoying the Faroe Islands by sea for 20 minutes, you are ready to step on land in the small Syðradalur dock in tranquil surroundings. 

You have now arrived at your destination island, and now it is time to explore! For those few people who decide to drive themselves, head north. For all others, pre-book this Guided Kalsoy Island Tour including shuttle bus or take the Kalsoy island public bus when arriving. The bus drives through all the villages on the island. Take a look at the Kalsoy island bus schedule here.

Driving on Kalsoy Island 

The roads on Kalsoy island are narrow and the tunnels so more. All roads are in good conditions. This winding road leads to Trøllanes.

Among the locals, Kalsoy island has been coined “Blokkfloytan”//”the Flute”. The island got its name from its slim shape and the four tunnels connecting the villages. Driving through these tunnels is quite an adventure in its own way. It requires some skills!

Driving through the dark and narrow one-lane tunnels will remind you of just how remote and amazing the island is. These tunnels will definitely expose you to an experience you have never tried before. 

The tunnels are narrow but with frequent turning out lanes.

The locals always drive carefully in the tunnels. There is very little traffic on the roads but when there is oncoming traffic, people use the turning out lanes. 

There is only one road so navigating the island is super easy. You will drive through the charming villages and most likely be stopped by a few sheep on your way (sheep roam freely everywhere). 

You will enjoy passing the fantastic landscape with views to the dark blue sea and breathtaking mountains. The tour from south towards north is epic!


Syðradalur is the port of arrival on Kalsoy island.

Syðradalur is the first village to welcome you when you reach Kalsoy island. Today 7 people enjoy a calm life in the village.

If you are up for some angling then Syðradalur is the perfect place to go. Bring your own fishing rod and go fishing along the shore.


You will pass Húsar when driving from one end of Kalsoy island to the other. Photo by on Instagram.

The small community Húsar sits next to the shoreline. The village is centred around a beautiful church, which is surrounded by unspoiled nature and views to the neighbouring Kunoy island.

The village is dotted with colourful houses and Hjallur sheds, which are used to wind try sheep meat. Húsar translates to Houses. 


Mikladalur is one of four villages on Kalsoy island.

The village Mikladalur lies in a spacious valley. Mikladalur translates directly to the Great Valley. Mikladalur is the perfect place to slow down and relax for a while. 

Some of the most picturesque turf-roofed houses in the Faroe Islands are located in Mikladalur. Most grass covered houses here are painted black, which just adds to this place’s cosiness. 

Mikladalur is home to the island’s only café. Make sure to stop by Café Eðge, which serves you something hot to drink after sightseeing on the island. 

Among the locals, Mikladalur is best known for the legend of Kópakonan (the Seal Woman). This woman has been eternally conserved, as a statue of Kópakonan was unveiled in 2014. The enchanting tale of Kópakonan can be listened to here (in English, Danish or German).

You can see the statue for yourself by walking down some stairs to the shoreline. Here you will see Kópakonan perched above the ocean and looking towards a small waterfall that drops on the basalt ground.

On windy days in winter, the Seal Woman can be fully covered in surf. Be careful if you visit the attraction on one of those very windy winter days.


The village Trøllanes. Photo by Arnold known as @whiskeywanderlust on Instagram.

Trøllanes is a secluded village in the north of Kalsoy island. Here life is lived in peace and remoteness.

The mountains around Trøllanes are so high that the sun is invisible for months during winter. The 12 of March is a special day for the villagers in Trøllanes. This is the day when the light falls back over the hill in the village.

You can get a glimpse of puffins in Trøllanes in July and August.

Trøllanes is actually a great place to go puffin watching during the summer months. Go down to the shoreline and walk to the cliffs on either side of the village and here you go – puffins!

Beyond the tranquil living in Trøllanes, wilderness is luring. The breathtaking Kallur Lighthouse is perched an easy hike from Trøllanes.

The Kallur Lighthouse Hike

Kallur Lighthouse with the islands Eysturoy and Streymoy as a backdrop.

Kallur Lighthouse offers out-of-this-world views. This northernmost point on Kalsoy island is one of the absolute highlights in the Faroe Islands.

The trailhead to Kallur Lighthouse sits in the small village of Trøllanes. Set off here and follow the path uphill alongside the many sheep. The first part of the path is a bit steep but really manageable. The rest of the walk is easy. 

After 45 minutes of trekking, you will reach Kallur Lighthouse. The white and red painted lighthouse sits majestically on the very edge of a rugged promontory. The views are incredible but be careful as there are sheer drop-offs.

The outstanding scenery surrounding Kallur Lighthouse.

You will also have unbeatable views of the lovely Kunoy island, Eysturoy Island and you might also see the almighty rock formations Risin og Kellingin // The Giant and the Witch in the horizon. As everywhere on the Faroe Islands, mist and fog can come in your way for an undisturbed view of the breathtaking vistas.

Even though the village Trøllanes is an undisturbed beauty, it has recently become an international phenomenon as it is one of the few James Bond locations in the movie No Time To Die.

Read on to find the best guided experiences that you can join on Kalsoy island including the Official James Bond Kalsoy Island Tour!

Kalsoy Island Tours

Kalsoy island comes with mesmerising views.

Want to experience Kalsoy island with a tour guide? Below you will find some exciting tours that will let you wander with ease.  

Enjoying Kalsoy island without bringing a car gives you something extra. A guided tour will let you explore the island seamlessly without stress about transportation.

Official James Bond Tour of Kalsoy Island

Kalsoy island as seen in the James Bond film No Time To Die.

The 25th James Bond movie No Time To Die was filmed on Kalsoy island. Specifically, in Trøllanes and by the stunning Kallur promontory.

Lucifer Safin, portrayed by the Oscar-winner Rami Malek, is the villain in No Time To Die. James Bond’s evil threat has his base in Trøllanes. 

Scenes filmed on Kalsoy island are in the film’s final act. The entire filming crew had their base in Trøllanes when on location.  

You can follow in James Bond’s footsteps on Kalsoy island. The local farmer and his wife will welcome you when booking the Official James Bond tour to Kalsoy Island!

The tour is a thrilling experience. In addition to discovering the Kalsoy Island of James Bond, you will enjoy a delicious homemade dinner at the end of the tour. This is one of the most wanted tours in the Faroe Islands, so make sure to book ahead!

Guided hike to Kallur Ligthhouse

Kallur Lighthouse-guide-to-faroe-islands
The breathtaking Kallur Lighthouse scenery.

Want to tick off all the must-sees on Kalsoy island including personal guidance with pick up in the capital Tórshavn? Book your drivers’ guided tour to Kalsoy island

You are guaranteed a pleasant drive through the island and stops on all the must-sees on the way. This is the perfect opportunity to enjoy the enchanting views, while being able to ask all the questions you might have!

Boat Tour Around Kalsoy Island

Boat tours to the sheer cliff on Kalsoy island is an amazing experience.

If you want to see Kalsoy island from a different point of view go for an adrenaline-filled Rib Boat Tour around Kalsoy island. The tour is available during the summer months.

On this tour you will experience the unbelievable cliffs surrounding Kalsoy island, whilst sailing beneath the wonderful Kallur Lighthouse. Weather permitting, you will get the unique chance to sail through the island’s cave Mimunarhola. This is an enchanting way to see the island.  

Nothing beats the views you can enjoy from the sea, really! If you are not afraid of getting your mind blown, book your boat tour around Kalsoy island now.

Kalsoy island as seen from the village Gjógv on Eysturoy island.

If you need any other advice or tips about visiting Kalsoy island or other places in the Faroe Islands, feel free to get in touch with us! We are always happy to help. If you want to get more enchanting information or see pictures of the Faroe Islands, follow Guide to Faroe Islands on Instagram or Facebook, where we will frequently keep you up to date!

Feeling inspired to visit Kalsoy island? Browse the largest selection of tours in the Faroe Islands and take the next step.

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