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Flights to Faroe Islands

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Which airlines fly to the Faroe Islands? How long does it take to get to the Faroe Islands on a plane? Are daily flights available all year round? And from where can you take a flight to the Faroe Islands? Read on the find out all you need to know about flights to the Faroe Islands.

It has become easier getting to the Faroe Islands in recent years. New routes to the archipelago have opened thanks to the increased interest in the Faroe Islands as a tourism destinations. But it still requires some planning.

There are several daily flights to the Faroe Islands from different airports in Europe throughout the year. The highest flight frequency is during the summer season from May to August. This is the time of year when most travellers fly in to the Faroe Islands to experience the unbelievable nature scenery.

Flights to Faroe Islands 2022

Aerial view minutes after departure from the Faroe Islands during winter. The airport sits next to the fjord Sørvágsfjørður. Photo by Eugenia Di Pasquale known as @eugeniadipasquale on Instagram.

You have these route options when taking a flight to the Faroe Islands in 2022. Below, you can see the exact weekdays when the different routes operate.

  • Copenhagen (all days throughout the year)
  • Keflavík (Monday and Friday all year round)
  • Billund (Monday and Thursday all year round)
  • Edinburgh (Monday and Thursday from 7 April till 22 December)
  • Bergen (Monday and Friday all year round)
  • Oslo (Wednesday throughout the year and Sunday from 17 April till 16 October)
  • Paris (Monday and Thursday from 12 May till 17 October)
  • Barcelona (Tuesday from 7 June to 27 September)

Which airlines fly to Faroe Islands?

This is the only airport in the Faroe Islands. The facilities have improved immensely in recent years. Photo by Ingi Sørensen.

Many curious people planning to visit the Faroe Islands wonder how to get to Faroe Islands by air. Well, three airline companies fly to Faroe Islands. You can choose between the Scandinavian carrier SAS, the local Atlantic Airways and the Norwegian airline Widerøe.

SAS has daily departures from Copenhagen throughout the year. Atlantic has daily departures all the year round from Copenhagen and besides that you can fly with Atlantic Airways to the Faroe Islands from these destinations:

  • Edinburgh
  • Reykjavik
  • Paris
  • Barcelona
  • Billund
  • Oslo

Widerøe has a direct flight from Bergen on the west coast of Norway to the Faroe islands. There are two weekly departures on Fridays and Mondays. The flight time is 1h 45m.

When coming to the Faroe Islands from the European mainland, the easiest way to get to the Faroe Islands is via Copenhagen due to the daily departures. You will also have various opportunities for connecting flights.

Vágar Airport History

The airport opened in 1943 and was constructed and run by the British Army during the Second World War. Back then the runway was 1096 metres. United Kingdom handed over the airport to the Faroe Islanders only a year after the airport was constructed.

Fossá waterfall on Streymoy island. Photo by thibault on Instagram.

The runway has improved significantly in recent years and is now 1799 metres. Flight regularity to the Faroe Islands has improved a lot too.

Vágar Airport is owned by the Government of the Faroe Islands. A new terminal opened in 2014. The airport boasts all utilities and services. You will find phone and laptop charging stations, food and refreshments as well as free unlimited WiFi. 

How to get from North America to the Faroe Islands

One of Atlantic Airway’s plane approaching the Faroe Islands. The first island you see in this video is Nólsoy.

The airline of the Faroe Islands, Atlantic Airways, are planning to start a nonstop direct flight from the New York’s JFK Airport to the local Vágar Airport in the Faroe Islands. The flight schedule from New York to the Faroe Islands is still unknown so if you do not want to wait for the direct North America to Faroe Islands flight, there is another good option for a stop over in Iceland.

When you are planning your travel from North America to Faroe Islands and until the dates for flights from New York to the Faroe Islands are launched, we recommend you to take one of the many direct flights from North America to Iceland. Atlantic Airways has two weekly flights from Iceland to the Faroe Islands all year round on Mondays and Fridays. During the height of summer from mid June to late September, there are three weekly departures.

Flight time to Faroe Islands

The national airline of the Faroe Islands, Atlantic Airways. Photo by Greg Annandale.

The flight from Iceland to the Faroe Islands will take you less than one and a half hour. That is why it has become increasingly popular to visit Faroe Islands after a stay in Iceland as a part of your North Atlantic experience.

Your flight time to the Nordic archipelago will be quite short. Here you can see how long it takes to fly to the Faroe Islands from various places.

  • Reykjavík, 1h 20m
  • Edinburgh, 1h 25m
  • Billund, 2h
  • Copenhagen, 2h 15m
  • Paris, 2h 45m
  • Barcelona, 3h 50m
  • New York, 7h (no dates yet)

People often expect there to be a Tórshavn airport. However, there is no airport in Tórshavn. Vágar airport on Vágar island is the port of arrival for all travellers flying to the Faroe Islands. The airport sits between Lake Leitisvatn and the village Sørvágur in the western part of the country.

Vágar airport is quite small and there are never more than 10 arrivals within the same day. There are typically fewer than 10 airplanes arriving each day. It takes 40 minutes or so to drive from the airport to the capital, Tórshavn. You can also read our article about how to get from Vagar Airport to Tórshavn.

After Landing in the Faroe Islands

Once you step out of the airplane, you will feel the fresh air immediately. Once you get to the arrival hall, you are ready to start exploring the incredible islands.

Mykines winter
The Faroe Islands is all about untouched nature and uncrowded tranquillity. The island on this photo is Mykines.

When your plane has landed in Vágar, we recommend you to buy some local beer by the brewery Okkara in the duty free area. They are much cheaper than in stores.

The brewing company has several beer types on the shelves at the airport. Be well prepared and check Okkara’s range of beer before take off.

Puffin Faroe Islands-2
​Experiencing Faroe Islands is rewarding. You will be surrounded by pristine nature and a rich wildlife. Photo by Kah-Wai Lin.

When travelling to the Faroe Islands, remember to bring your passport – and stay awake upon arrival in the Faroe Islands as you will see the fantastic landscape through the airplane window minutes before landing. The view is stunning.

The Faroe Islands are on many travellers’ to-to list for good reasons. You will gain a deeper understanding of real freedom and hear the sound of stillness.

When you step out of the airplane, you step into an untouched world. Here are some of the most popular attractions in the Faroe Islands for you to visit while in the unspoiled Nordic archipelago.

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