Luxury Travel in the Faroe Islands

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Want to experience luxury travel and inspiring moments in the Faroe Islands? Dreaming of a tailor-made trip crafted with flair and elegance? Read on to get an unforgettable high-end travel experience in the Faroe Islands made for exceptional individuals.

The Faroe Islands are a necklace of 18 volcanic islet located remotely in the North Atlantic Ocean. The far-flung archipelago boasts incredible mountain vistas, scenic waterfalls and a wild coastline with sheer cliffs.

Going luxury in the Faroe Islands means that you get exactly what you expected and more. A high-end spectacular private trip will get you off the beaten track and into the heart of the Faroe Islands.

You will get the very best experience that Faroe Island can offer. Untouched nature, remote islands and unmatched food experiences. You will reconnect with nature and yourself.

Gásadalur on Vágar island.

High-class luxury is something else in the Faroe Islands. It is tradition and a feeling of honesty. You will be taken to the spacious hidden gems far away from the crowds.

Dining at the 2-star Michelin restaurant KOKS is a must. KOKS is closed in the Faroe Islands throughout 2022 and 2023. Oh, there is so much more to the Faroe Islands than one restaurant. There are so many unpaved paths less travelled and local people with untold stories to tell.

When exploring the Nordic archipelago with Guide to Faroe Islands, you will come as our guest and leave as family. You will get your personal local guide/coordinator during your stay. You will explore and experience the wild islands only in premium vehicles.

Luxurious accommodation in the Faroe Islands

Sod-roof is something else. You will find grass on high quality accommodation in the Faroe Islands.

You will wake up at spectacular rural places. There is no such thing as a big commercial hotel. You will get a rustic resort type of accommodation and enjoy the quietness when staying in an exclusive and charming place.

You will feel the true sense of the Faroe Islands when relaxing in a high-quality cottage or a remote cabin. Everything is handpicked. These secluded sceneries come with an awe-inspiring view. Enjoy the privacy and quality of this otherworldly destination.

Guide to Faroe Islands will assure you the best possible standards of living available in the uncrowded Faroe Islands. You will get a 5-star experience in the great outdoors like nowhere else.

Luxury tours and guides

The remote village Tjørnuvík. Photo by @raulhudson1986 on Instagram.

Our tour guides are all certified. They are specifically trained in proper clientele etiquette and touring techniques. Guide to Faroe Islands focuses on your well-being and to get you to those remarkable sceneries that will give you special memories for the decades to come.

All guides are committed to strict levels of privacy, always unbiased and respectful. They will make sure that you will enjoy unforgettable travel moments in the untouched and hidden gems around the Nordic archipelago.

Book Luxury Travel in the Faroe Islands

You will get the most unforgettable bespoke experience when planning your adventure with a Guide to Faroe Islands expert. Our dedicated travel designers are located in Tórshavn and have curated itineraries for famous and important people that work absolutely seamlessly.

Ready to take the next step? Send an email to right away. A Guide to Faroe Islands travel designer will be in touch to build an excellent travel itinerary for your Faroe Islands tour.

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