The 11 Best Attractions in the Faroe Islands

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Are you planning a visit to the Faroe Islands? Are you wondering where to go and what to do while on holiday in the Faroe Islands? Here is the ultimate guide to 11 attractions to see in the Faroe Islands that will assist you when planning your journey.

The Faroe Islands boasts isolated villages and dramatic mountains. This out-of-the-way place in the frothing swells of the North Atlantic Ocean gives travellers solitude in unparalleled surroundings.

We have collected all the best attractions in the Faroe Islands in this article. So if you want to enjoy and tick off bucket list locations in the sparsely populated Faroe Islands, this is the perfect Faroe Islands travel guide for you.

This guide will make it easy for you to plan and prepare the sights you want to experience. In order to visit all 11 locations, you will need one week in the Faroe Islands.

Make sure to visit these untouched attractions on your Faroe Islands vacation. These are the sights that most visitors to the Faroe Islands want to explore during their stay in the unspoiled North Atlantic archipelago.

These places are remote, small, and quiet. We recommend them all when exploring the Faroe Islands. There could be added so many more attractions worth experiencing such as the island Mykines and the rock formation Dunnesdrangar.

Exploring the Faroe Islands is time well spent. More than anything, these isles are an outdoor paradise. So, without further ado, here are the 11 best attractions for the perfect Faroe Islands vacation.

1. Múlafossur Waterfall

Mulafossur Guide to Faroe Islands
Múlafossur waterfall in the village Gásadalur is one reason why Faroe Islands tourism is growing. Nevertheless, the Faroe Islands are still quite unknown. Photo by @daniwstorm on Instagram.

The tiny village Gásadalur was until the year 2004 totally isolated from the rest of the world. Thanks to a nice tunnel, you can now easily access one of the most spectacular waterfalls in the world.

The waterfall in Gásadalur empties 60m (200ft) directly from the cliff top into the ocean leaving visitors with an immense feeling of losing their breath. You will find Múlafossur Waterfall on Vagar island.

This top rated day tour in the Faroe Islands with a local guide will let you indulge in the isolated valley where the picture-perfect nature shower is located. Experiencing the scenery in Gásadalur is a transformative experience.

Location: Vágar island

2. Trælanípa

The sheer rock wall on the island Vagar. Photo by Victoria Ostapova also known as @vialma on Instagram.

The floating lake attracts travellers from around the world. They come to this overwhelmingly beautiful sight to soak in one of nature’s great wonders. Standing here is a truly unique experience. This classic guided tour on Vágar island will get you to the best views from Trælanípa.

When you are at the cliff’s edge, the whole scenery turns into an optical illusion as the lake seems to be elevated much higher from the sea than it in fact is. A mesmerising feat of nature.

You will find Trælanípan also known as the Slave Cliff near the only airport in the Faroe Islands on the island Vagar. In order to get to Trælanípa, you will hike for one hour.

The hike is an easy one. There is almost no elevation along the route. You will get to a gentle slope just before reaching the destination.

Welcome to force of nature. Geituskorardrangur sea-stack is nature at its best. You might have seen this sea stack in recent years as it is gaining popularity among travellers. Photo by @tommimatz on Instagram.

Only a short walk from the stunning Trælanípa, you will find Geituskorardrangur – a towering sea stack. This iconic vertical sea wall rises 116 metres out of the ocean. It makes perfect sense to walk the extra 5 minutes from Trælanípa in order to experience Geituskorardrangur. You will have a great view of the sea from this coastal attraction

There are great opportunities to sit down on the rocky ground and simply enjoy the sight. Expect to see lots of birds flying above your head and also underneath you.

You will have a blast watching the sea stretching endlessly across the horizon. When the wind is howling, everything gets more moody. You will hear the waves roaring when crashing agains the black basalt.

You will pass Bøsdalafossur Waterfall as you move towards Geituskorardrangur. You will cross a short river as you get close to the rock wall. The water in the river comes from Lake Sørvagsvatn also known as Lake Leitisvatn. The water is perched atop the cliff and then forms into Bøsdalafossur waterfall that drops straight into the Atlantic Ocean.

Those looking for something extra can rent a kayak on Lake Sørvágsvatn and paddle all the way towards the seaside and hop on land. You will then be only minutes from these breathtaking attractions.

Location: Vágar island

3. Drangarnir

A memorable sight of Drangarnir. Photo by Chris Poplawski known as @chrisroams on Instagram.

Drangarnir sea arch is the perfect attraction for those yearning for an extraordinary experience at sea. This attraction is among the most iconic landmarks in the archipelago.

The best way to enjoy the famous sea-stack is by boat. Check out this popular Drangarnir boat tour. This all-time favourite is a must-do activity for all avid outdoor travellers.

You will sail all the way out of the pristine Sørvágsfjørður fjord and then all of a sudden it is there, the awe-inspiring Drangarnir with the spiky islet Tindhólmur in the background. This is when it gets exciting. Weather permitting, you might be one of very few people in the world to sail through the hole in the rock formation.

Location: Vágar island

4. Viðareiði

The village Viðareiði lies in stunning surroundings. Photo by Kah-Wai Lin.

In the most northern part of the archipelago, you will find a beautifully located village. Viðareiði is the northernmost settlement in the Faroe Islands.

Here you will have an amazing view of mountains and the wild coastline. The church in Viðareiði looks great on photos. Especially when you get one of the mountains Villingadalsfjall or Malinsfjall in the background. Viðareiði is the main village on Viðoy island.

You can ramp up the experience in Viðareiði by joining a guided hike to Villingadalsfjall. As long as the mountain is free of clouds, you will have the most beautiful panoramic view of Viðareiði and surrounding isles.

Location: Viðoy island

5. Saksun

This might be the most epic shacks in the North Atlantic. Photo by @raulhudson1986 on Instagram.

Just a one hour drive from the capital Tórshavn, you will be tucked between lush fields and soaring peaks in Saksun. The landscape in Saksun is extremely majestic. You will see turf-roofed houses, the iconic and beautiful old church, and the sandy lagoon.

Saksun is one of the most isolated settlements in the Faroe Islands. You will love the silence and the calmness of this spectacular place.

Location: Streymoy island

6. Kallur Lighthouse

A hike to Kallur Lighthouse is always rewarding. Photo by Smit on Shutterstock.

This is one of the Faroe Islands’ true wonders. Standing on the edge overlooking the sheer cliff is a must-see experience for all travellers. You will find Kallur Lighthouse on the island Kalsoy.

The scenery around Kallur Lighthouse is featured in the James Bond movie “No Time to Die”. This is the first time that scenes from the Faroe Islands are in a James Bond film. You can join the Official Faroe Islands James Bond Tour and walk in the secret spy’s footsteps.

It requires some planning to get to Kalsoy island. You need to take a 20 minutes ferry ride from the town Klaksvík in order to get to the island. Check out the ferry time table to Kalsoy island. You will disembark the ferry at the harbour in the village Syðradalur on Kalsoy island.

Kallur Lighthouse is the absolute highlight on Kalsoy island. You will get the best view of both the lighthouse and the sheer cliff Borgarin when walking on the ridge along a grass path. This short walk from the lighthouse is not for the faint-hearted. There are 200 metres perpendicular rocky cliffs to both sides.

Location: Kalsoy island

7. Hvíthamar

Go on a short hike and you will see these beautiful mountains on the island Eysturoy. Photo by Pawel Zygmunt.

This tremendous spot overlooking the Funningsfjørður fjord is only a 10 minutes’ walk uphill from the mountain pass Gjáarskarð. You will have a great aerial view of the fjord and the jagged mountain peaks. Hvíthamar is an easy to reach and enchanting experience.

The winter view from this place is something truly special as the snowy mountains will make your experience a magical one. Snow is never a guarantee as the weather is ever changeable. But if you visit between November to March the nearby mountain peaks will most likely be covered with snow.

You will also have a stunning view to the north when standing on Hvíthamar. Most of the time there will be a fresh wind here adding an extra layer of natural quality to this easy accessible viewpoint.

Hvíthamar gives you a deep sense of calmness. It is the perfect place to visit when you want to be out in nature without crowds.

Location: Eysturoy island

8. Gjógv

Make sure to visit Gjógv on your trip in the Faroe Islands. Photo by Victoria Ostapova also know as @vialma on Instagram.

Only a short drive from Hvíthamar above Funningur you will find the remote higgledy-piggledy village Gjógv. The multi-coloured houses, the 200-metre gorge and the spectacular view to the north makes Gjógv a favourite destination among travellers.

Make sure to go for a stroll to the cleft in Gjógv where you will get amazing photos of the stunning scenery. It takes only five minutes to get to the end of the gorge. You will walk next to the edge but do not worry as there is a fence all the way to the end. The view is rewarding.

You can also take the concrete stairs and enter the gorge itself. During windy days in winter, you can experience rising waves and surf in the gorge.

Staying at the local Gjáargarður Guesthouse for a couple of days is a good choice. You will for sure relax in these remote settings.

Location: Eysturoy island

9. Tjørnuvík

What makes Tjørnuvík so special is the genuinely feeling of serenity. Photo by Kah-Wai Lin.

The isolated village Tjørnuvík is nestled in a steep valley. Make sure to walk between the tidy houses and go down to the small local beach and to enjoy the fantastic view of the sea stacks Risin og Kellingin, the Giant and his Wife. Tjørnuvík is on the island Streymoy.

If you walk for 15 minutes towards the hillside away from the village then you will be rewarded with a panoramic view of the village. This is a really great place to just soak in the serenity and quietness that this village gives you. 

Location: Streymoy island

10. Ásmundarstakkur

Bridge Suduroy-Guide to Faroe Islands
When visiting Suðuroy, this sight is a must. Photo by Daryl Walker known as @darylswalker on Instagram.

Ásmundarstakkur sea stack is amazing. In order to experience Ásmundarstakkur, you will take the ferry Smyril from Tórshavn to the southernmost island Suðuroy. The ferry to Suðuroy takes two hours.

From the northernmost village on the island of Suðuroy, you will head west to discover this absolutely fantastic coastline and sea stack. If you dare, you can also cross a wooden bridge that hangs a few hundred meters above sea level to get out the Rituskor cleft.

From Rituskor, you will have a great view of Ásmundarstakkur. The scenery on the westcoast of Suðuroy is a much appreciated attraction by the locals.

Location: Suðuroy island

11. Vestmanna Sea Cliffs

vestmanna sea cliffs Guide to Faroe Islands
The boat trip to the perpendicular cliffs in Vestmanna will last for two hours. Photo by Ólavur Frederiksen.

If you want to see tens of thousands of birds flying above you, then a boat trip to Vestmanna Sea Cliffs is a must. You will sail north along the coastline, and when you reach the bird cliffs, you might sail through some of the gorges, weather permitting.

The boat to the bird cliffs departs from the village Vestmanna on the island Streymoy regularly from April and until late September. There are tours made in the morning as well as in the afternoon.

When in Vestmanna, you can also swing by the local Faer Isles Distillery. They produce handcrafted whisky and gin just next to where boats to the sea cliffs depart. You can even join a guided distillery tour to ramp up your time in Vestmanna.

Location: Streymoy island

All the many breathtakingly beautiful attractions in the Faroe Islands come with a true sense of serenity. There is an untouched quality to all the mesmerising nature sceneries.

Inspired to experience the Faroe Islands first-hand? Learn about how to get by plane to the Faroe Islands and take the next step.

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