7 incredible boat tours in the Faroe Islands

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Are there good boat experiences to join when in the idyllic Faroe Islands? Are there tour guides onboard boat tours? When can you sail in the Faroe Islands in a boat? Continue reading to get to know everything about the best boat tours when travelling in the Faroe Islands.

Exploring the Faroe Islands in a boat is a great way to get really close to the unbelievable nature. Fortunately, there are some really good boat tours for you to embark on. Standing on a boat deck is such an enchanting way to enjoy the uncomplicated life at sea.

Boat tours mentioned here involve no hiking. All tours have life-vests for smaller children so the tours are suitable for children and can be made by everyone.

1. Drangarnir Boat Tour

Experiencing Drangarnir sea stacks from a boat is fantastic. This is as close to these sea stack as you will ever get. Weather permitting, you will sail through the iconic hole.

Your captain will make sure that the transfer will be as safe and comfortable as possible. Tours are made from the harbour in Sørvágur on Vágar island. You can join a tour the sea arch whenever you like, be it in summer or winter. The weather is more stable in summer, though.

2. Fishing in Vestmanna

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This is the perfect tour for the sports-driven enthusiast. From the harbour in Vestmanna on Streymoy island, you can jump onboard a cosy local vehicle and drift out of the harbour to nearby fishing ground.

You will find yourself in this exiting activity while standing in the middle of unparalleled beauty. There is a catch guarantee on tours made from April to October. 

3. Fishing trip in Árnafjørður

Why not spoil yourself and book a fishing trip in a traditional wooden Faroese boat. Time in the great ocean is time well spent. This authentic fishing trip will ensure you true contact with nature. You will experience nature in the Faroe Islands seen from the incredible sea.

On this extraordinary tour, you will sail out from the untouched and breathtaking Árnafjørður fjord on Borðoy island. Along the route, you will get close to craggy ravines and grottoes. Being on your own in these unspoiled waters is a powerful experience. 

Once you get to the fishing ground, you will start deep sea angling. If you are fortunate, you will catch the most tasty and fresh fish in the North Atlantic Ocean. You even get to take fish with you to prepare at your accommodation. Tours are made from May through August. Outside the summer season, boat trips from Árnafjørður are done by request.

4. Mykines Boat Tours

To withness the amazing birdlife in Mykines island is a must-do summer activity in the Faroe Islands. The puffins in Mykines are well-known for their hospitality. There are some 100.000 puffins here.

This is an excellent chance for you to try a sought-after nature experience. The island is a true pearl of nature. Boat tours to Mykines are made from May to August.

5. Vestmanna Sea Cliffs

​The cliffs along the shoreline north of Vestmanna. Photo by Ólavur Frederiksen. 

Sailing to the untamed birds north of Vestmanna is an unforgettable experience. These towering cliffs are just waiting for you to be explored.

Thousands of birds make their nest here during the summer months. Expect to see a rich wildlife including guillemots and even puffins. Tours are made from April to September.

6. Cave tour to Hestur island

​Get ready for a high-speed adventure. Photo by Mortan Mortensen

Go for an adrenaline-raising adventure with a rib boat. Boat tours to Hestur departing from Gamlarætt ferry port on Streymoy island will make sure to impress your senses.

You will sail into a 200 metre cave and experience the Faroe Islands in an unlikely and unique way. Klæmintsgjógv is the world’s larges sea cave. This is your chance to sail in Klæmintsgjógv. Boat tours are made from May to September.   

7. Sailing with old schooner

Joining a tour with the wooden schooner Norðlýsið is a great way to explore the endless beauty of the Faroe Islands’ shoreline. The boat will take you to either Nólsoy island or Hestur island.

This historic vehicle is perfect for a relaxed day out in the magnificent natural landscape. Tours are made from the harbour in Tórshavn from May to September.A boat tour in the Faroe Islands is a unique way to experience the natural wonders of soaring cliffs rising up from the ocean and the rich wildlife wherever you are situated at sea. Find the widest selection of boat tours in the Faroe Islands now.

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