Vestmanna Travel Guide

By Verified Expert

The beautiful village Vestmanna has a great natural harbour, the best wind protected campsite in the Faroe Islands and several great attractions for locals and tourists alike.

Boats to Vestmanna Sea Cliffs, one of the most popular experiences in the Faroe Islands, depart from the harbour in Vestmanna. The harbour is situated just upon arrival in the village. Guided boat tours are made from early April to early October.

Vestmanna is the second largest settlement on Streymoy island and lies a 40 minutes drive from the capital, Tórshavn. There are several bus departures from Tórshavn to Vestmanna all days of the week. 

You will find stunning nature above the village. You can drive on narrow roads to enter lakes that are nestled from 100 metres (328 feet) and up to 350 metres (1148 feet) above sea level.

Other interesting attractions


Road above Funningur