Faroe Islands Holiday Bucket List | 9 Ideas for An Epic Trip

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Which travel experiences will make a visit to the Faroe Islands unforgettable? What are the most sought-after attractions to explore in the Faroe Islands? Keep on reading and tick off all the essentials that make up the ultimate Faroe Islands holiday bucket list.

The Faroe Islands boasts an incredible variety of worthwhile bucket list activities. From sailing underneath soaring rock walls, to dining in a private Faroese home, or enjoying the pure wilderness in the untouched mountains, the diversity is plentiful.

While hardly visible on a map, there is an impressive array of adventurous activities to join. In fact, most travellers are surprised by the wide selection of things to do and see in the Faroe Islands.  

Boat tours always add to the nature experience when in the Faroe Islands. Photo by Chris Poplawski known as @chrisroams on Instagram.

Located quite unnoticed midway between Iceland and Scotland, the wild Faroe Islands are an emerging destination, a natural paradise rich in dreamy landscapes. The uncrowded archipelago will make sure to create memories that will stay for you for life.  

Whether you are looking for effortless bucket list ideas or extraordinary holiday experiences, the Faroe Islands has something for all outdoor enthusiasts. We have wrapped up a list of nine travel ideas that will let you live in the moment and take home precious memories. 

1. Take a Boat Tour to Drangarnir Sea Arch

A boat tour to Drangarnir is a captivating experience. Photo by Chris Poplawski known as @chrisroams on Instagram.

If you ask Faroe Islanders what they miss while away from the Faroe Islands, they will say the nature. And then they will add that they are yearning for the ocean. When on the islands, you are never more than 5 kilometres (3.1 miles) away from the sea. 

Jumping on a boat to Drangarnir is a spectacular activity. It will shake away your worries and clear your mind and connect with the nature. Book your Boat Tour to Drangarnir here. You will even get close to Múlafossur waterfall, which adds to the awesomeness of this experiense.

The amazing Drangarnir and Tindhólmur islet. Photo by Chris Poplawski known as @chrisroams on Instagram.

These tours depart from the colourful village Sørvágur on Vágar island next to the airport in the Faroe Islands. From here you will sail on the quiet Sørvágsfjørður fjord until you get to the impressive sea arch at the fjord’s end.

The tour takes just more than one hour. When facing the picturesque Drangarnir, you will know for sure that you have left the hustle and bustle of the city behind and found the most amazing well-being.

2. Explore the Islands with a Local Tour Guide

The unbelievable surroundings in Saksun. Photo by @ricardo.martinez.o on Instagram.

Travellers are excited to wind around the main islands. The top rated See it All Faroe Islands Tour is a good choice. Your tour guide will take you to tiny and brightly painted villages on three islands. 

You will visit Vágar island and the quaint village Gásadalur with the famous Múlafossur waterfall. On windy days, you might even see this waterfall spray towards the sky.

On Streymoy island your tour guide will take you to the renowned village Saksun. From here you will head further north to Fossá waterfall and the remote settlement Tjørnuvík.

You will also swing by Eysturoy island. Here the sea-filled gorge in Gjógv awaits you. While on Eysturoy island, your tour guide will also show you the sea-stacks Risin & Kellingin.

3. Hike with a Shepherd

Highland cattle roam the mountains in the Faroe Islands. Photo by Victoria Ostapova.

Why not do some authentic hiking while on the islands? You can join an experienced shepherd on his weekly chores. The tour takes off in Argir just outside Tórshavn. From here you will hike to the historic village Kirkjubøur while you immerse yourself in the untouched mountainscapes. On the route, the shepherd will be checking fences, tending to the sheep, or feeding the herd of highland cattle. 

You get a unique energy wandering in the striking landscapes. There is really nothing like being in the middle of nature where you can use all your senses. 

While it is tempting to get lost in these beautiful surrounding, the shepherd will make sure to keep you safe and sound at all times. This is the perfect way to get a good chat with a local and explore the nature. Book a Hike with a Shepherd.

4. Paddle on Lake Sørvágsvatn

Kayaking on Lake Sørvágsvatn is an unforgettable experience.

The fresh water lake Sørvágsvatn is the perfect place to do some kayaking. Whether you want to develop your paddling skills, exercise or simply relax, the lake will give you an amazing time. The kayaks are made for paddlers of all abilities.

Book your Kayaking Experience on Lake Sørvágsvatn. You might even want to paddle to the lake’s end towards the sea where Bøsdalafossur waterfall is located and the popular Trælanípa cliff. This is where you will see the lake floating above sea level.

5. Follow in the footsteps of James Bond

Kallur promontory will take your breath away!

Kalsoy is one of the most stunning islands in the world. This place is so unique that scenes in the James Bond movie No Time To Die were filmed on the island. The Bond character is a cultural icon and for the first time in the spy’s history gets killed off. It all happens when 007 stands on the Kallur promontory on the very northernmost part of the island. 

Klaksvík is the getaway to Kalsoy island. There are daily ferries sailing from the town Klaksvík to the small harbour on the southern end of Kalsoy island. Make sure to join the Official Faroe Islands James Bond Tour.

The tour will take you through the locations used in the movie. You will experience jagged cliffs dropping into the sea and unrivalled views of the North Atlantic Ocean.

6. Taste Faer Isles Whisky

The whisky distillers in Vestmanna.

Whether an experienced whisky drinker, or a novice, paying Faer Isles Distillery a visit is the perfect cultural activity for you. After an introduction to the brand, you will be shown around the distillery and get the chance to taste the true spirit of the Faroe Islands. 

Located in the amphitheatre look-alike village Vestmanna, this is where the craftsmanship takes place. Book your Faroe Islands Whisky Tasting Tour today. 

7. Try Faroese Home Dining

The farmer Óli is your host together with his wife Anna.

Travellers are struck by how many cultural opportunities there are in archipelago. One of the most remarkable things to try here is to dine with the locals. Nestled on the hillside village Velbastaður, the couple Anna & Óli invite travellers to their supper club. The locals call it Heimablídni.

Surrounded by Faroese hospitality and the most amazing view towards the islands Hestur and Koltur, the farmer couple will serve you local produce. Everything is made with passion and care and it tastes lovely. Book your Heimablídni Home Dining here. 

8. Discover Norðradalsskarð on two wheels

Norðradalur-faroe-islands 2
The winding road seen from Norðradalsskarð mountain pass.

Feel the North Atlantic wind streaming through your hair as you pedal through the wide open spaces on Streymoy island. The goal of the bicycling tour is to get to Norðradalsskarð mountain pass. Here you will see the meandering lane finding its way down the hillside to the farm in the tidy village Norðradalur.

Departing from the capital, Tórshavn, you will follow the mountain road Oyggjarvegur to the vantage point Norðradalsskarð. Join a Biking Tour to Norðradalsskarð and experience the traffic-free road and the picture perfect natural scenery.

9. Admire the Vestmanna Sea Cliffs

The Vestmanna Sea Cliffs, one of Faroe Islands’ most visited attractions, loom high over the west coast of Streymoy island. Experiencing the staggering cliffs is fantastic.

Jump on a Guided Boat Tour to Vestmanna Sea Cliffs departing from the village Vestmanna. You are gonna love the towering heights of the soaring cliffs and their sheer scale. 

The freshwater lake Sørvágsvatn on Vágar island. Photo by @ricardo.martinez.o on Instagram.

Now, seize the day and start planning your Faroe Islands holiday. You will for sure feel alive and bring home memories of pure wilderness untouched by time. 

It is time for you to say: I deserve the Faroe Islands. Have a look at the widest section of tours and activities and start planning your Faroe Islands holiday today.

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