Top 13 Blogs About the Faroe Islands

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Are you looking for the absolute best travel blogs about the Faroe Islands? Want to check out the most comprehensive Faroe Islands blogs? Read on and discover Faroe Islands travel blogs. Everything from lifestyle blogs to nature blogs and more.

Remotely located midway between Iceland and Scotland, the wild Faroe Islands stand out as a place like nowhere else in the world. You are bound to get un unforgettable experience in the uncrowded 18 island archipelago.

Some of the best travel bloggers have visited these islands. While travelling from one island to the other, these writers and photographers have made the most exciting travel guides to the Faroe Islands.

Guide to Faroe Islands offer travellers the most complete source of information when travelling to the islands. Obviously, there are also other providing great tips for your time here. We have listed our favourite blogs about the Faroe Islands, just in case you want to read different voices and see even more gorgeous pictures of our beautiful wild islands.

1. The Common Wanderer

Image courtesy of The Common Wanderer.

The Common Wanderer is run by Mark & Mim. Based in Budapest, the couple travel the world in an authentic and inspiring way. What they really like about the island group is the rugged nature and the remoteness of the place.

Arguably the most stylish and delicately written Faroe Islands blog, Mark & Mim will give you a beautiful insight to the islands. The couple has been to the Faroe Islands once and have written more than a handful of articles from their experience here. Everything from dining at KOKS restaurant to visiting Kalsoy island and Kallur Lighthouse there, make sure to check out some of the travel tips by these wandering travellers.

2. Full Suitcase

Image courtesy of Full Suitcase.

Full Suitcase is run by Jurga, originally from Lithuania now based in Belgium with husband and three boys. She travel the world with her camera. Along the way she writes first-class insights from exciting trips. This has made Full Suitcase among the most successful family travel blogs worldwide. 

Jurga has been to the Faroe Islands once. For her, the islands are all about outdoor activities and getting that special feeling as if time has stood still. Her blog features a handful of quality articles about Faroe Islands.

3. Hand Luggage Only

Image courtesy of Hand Luggage Only

Hand Luggage Only is run by Yaya and Lloyd and formed while they studied at the University of Cambridge in the UK. On their blog, they share travel stories and photos. These guys have been to the Faroe Islands once. Yaya and Lloyd are in awe of the islands’ pristine landscapes and uncrowded attractions.

While in the Faroe Islands, they did some awesome activities such as horseback riding and boating. Hand Luggage Only covers the best things to do and see in the Faroe Islands and more. 

4. The Sandy Feet

Image courtesy of The Sandy Feet.

The Sandy Feet is run by Freya. She travels her way around the world and along the way tells others about her experiences in well written articles. Her style of photography is really good and you definitely need to check out her photos of the Faroe Islands. 

What Freya loves about the Faroe Islands is the locals’ hospitality and the beautiful nature on every corner. She has written more than half a dozen of articles about her experience in the islands. Freya’s travel report include some good things to know before heading to the country.

5. Visit Faroe Islands

The Visit Faroe Islands Team and some other PR folks in Cannes. The Sheep View campaign won first price at Cannes Lions International Festival of Creativity.

Visit Faroe Islands is the public tourism board in the archipelago. Have you heard about Google Sheep View or Closed for Maintenance, Open for Voluntourism? These impressively effective campaigns have put the Faroe Islands on the map of travel. 

So if you are planning a trip to the islands, you are very likely to be influenced by the remarkable team at Visit Faroe Islands. With less than ten employees, Visit Faroe Islands has managed to let the world of curious travellers know that the Faroe Islands exist. To help them out, the tourism board has got some guest bloggers to write articles about their experience in the windswept Faroe Islands. These articles include a guide to Nordic gastronomy. Foodies come to the Faroe Islands to visit places like the village Velbastaður where joining the homedining tradition Heimablídni is popular. 

6. My Faroe Islands

Image courtesy of Anja Mazuhn.

My Faroe Islands is run by Anja from Germany. Unlike many of the other bloggers, Anja owns a house in the Faroe Islands. From her second home in the secluded village Elduvík on Eysturoy island, she gives travellers a fantastic insight to Faroese everyday life. Anja’s situation is unique, as she is one of very few lucky people who managed to buy a house in the Faroe Islands before it was banned

Anja has lots and lots of blog posts about life in the Faroe Islands. Her blog probably covers more insider stories from the islands than any other place on the internet.

Everything started with a documentary about the Faroe Islands broadcasted in German television. Anja and her husband Francesco were drawn to the islands after seeing the images from the Faroe Islands. Only weeks later they were happy owner of a house in Elduvík after falling deeply in love with the islands. 

7. Megan Starr

Image courtesy of Megan Starr.

Megan Starr is run by Megan from the US. She has partnered up with Aram from Armenia. Together whey love the Nordic countries so much that they have dedicated the blog to the countries in the far north. Megan has been to the Faroe Islands twice. On the blog, you will find a dozen of articles about the Faroe Islands.

Megan keeps posting about the Faroe Islands because she simply loves the islands. She thinks the islands are a hidden travel secret and simply wondrous.

8. Along Dusty Roads

Image courtesy of Along Dusty Roads.

Along Dusty Roads is run by Andrew and Emily. The British couple has stepped foot on the Faroe Islands once. According to the travelling duo, the Faroe Islands feel like Iceland 20 years ago before mass tourism.

Andrew and Emily write and curate everything themselves. If you were only to read three blogs before you travel to the Faroe Islands then make sure to stop by Along Dusty Roads. Their photos from the Faroe Islands are stunning and the originality of writing priceless. 

9. WildJunket

Image courtesy of WildJunket.

WildJunket is run by Nellie from Singapore. She is a proud mum and still a passionate traveller. Actually, she has travelled to over 140 countries! While travelling, she writes about her experiences and has even written a book from the perspective of an explorer by heart. 

What Nellie likes about the islands is the wilderness and the feeling of being far away from everything. She has some useful Faroe Islands blog posts including a good itinerary that will let you cover a lot as a first time traveller to the country. 

10. A Dangerous Business

Image courtesy of A Dangerous Business.

A Dangerous Business is run by Amanda. She is a journalist and blogger from the US. Amanda has been to the Faroe Islands once and while here, she wrote a good blog about a road trip in the Faroe islands. Amanda explored the Faroe Islands as a female solo traveller.

For Amanda, the Faroe Islands is a travel destination like no other. The islands took her breah away. Fortunately, she is still breathing and has written a couple of good Faroe Islands articles. 


Image courtesy of Marion & Raffael Payr. is run by Marion & Raffael Payr from Austria. They live in Vienna but travel alot to great places and write awe-inspiring stories anlong their journey. 

You are gonna love the photos from the couple’s time in the Faroe Islands. You will find the photos in a handful of articles when they explored the islands.

The blog focuses on discerning travellers. Marion & Raffael have written a one week itinerary. They have a very clever advise, which is to focus on some of the islands instead of trying to explore them all.

12. I Am Aileen

I Am Aileen is run by Aileen Adalid from the Philippines. One day she decided to quit her job and travel the world. She has been to the Faroe Islands once and has written some really helpful tips from her time in the archipelago. 

The 5 day itinerary by I Am Aileen will secure you lots of epic travel moments. For Aileen, the Faroe Islands are like a fairy-tale, something out-of-this-world and unreal.   

13. One Step 4Ward

One Step 4Ward is founded and run by Johnny. This Irish-lad has travelled all countries in the world, including the Nordic archipelago. Needless to say, Johnny is a busy man with a lot of travel experiences. Johnny says that the islands blew him away.

Johnny has a couple of photos of him in the Faroe Islands. One photo is taken from the famous “floating lake” on Vágar island. All other photos are taken on the road Oyggjarvegurin leading the way to the capital, Tórshavn. This mountainous gateway to the capital takes 15 minutes to ride. After all, you must be in a hurry when travelling all the countries in the world. Johnny has written a 5 day Faroe Islands itinerary…

Want to find out even more about the Faroe Islands? We got you covered in the wides selection of articles, all written by people from the Faroe Islands.

Have a look at some articles about Nature of Faroe Islands, History & Culture, Travel Information and more! Enjoy your reading and start preparing your dream vacation in the Faroe Islands.

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