Ásmundarstakkur Travel Guide

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Asmundarstakkur and sheep
Ásmundarstakkur sea-stack on the west cost of Suðuroy island.

Ásmundarstakkur is a stunning sea stack west of the village Sandvík on the islands of Suðuroy. A narrow unpaved road takes you all the way to this beautiful place in the northern part of Suðuroy.

You will have a great view of Ásmundarstakkur from the near by rock cleft Rituskor. In order to get to Rituskor, you will cross a short wooden bridge.

You can either walk or drive the road from Sandvík to the view of Ásmundarstakkur. When you reach the vantagepoint, you will have an out-of-this world view of the west coast.

Ásmundarstakkur rises 109 metre (358 ft) above sea level. The view is most impressive during the golden hour just before sunset.

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