24 Hours Guide to the Faroe Islands

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How can you spend one day in the Faroe Islands? Can you experience several attractions when only having 24 hours in the untouched archipelago in the North Atlantic Ocean? Here is your guide to one day in the Faroe Islands and the top attractions to visit.

Nestled halfway between Scotland and Iceland in the North Atlantic Ocean, the Faroe Islands are are group of 18 mountainous isles. There is so much to explore throughout the archipelago.

If you only have 24 hours in the Faroe Islands, you want to maximize every second of your stay to get the most out of it. This guide will secure that you take in as much of the Faroe Islands in one day as possible. This 24 hours guide to the Faroe Islands will let you experience:

  • Tórshavn
  • Norðradalsskarð
  • Saksun
  • Fossá Waterfall
  • Tjørnuvík
  • Risin & Kellingin sea-stacks
  • Gjógv
  • Hvíthamar
  • Funningsfjørður fjord
  • Eysturoyartunnilin underwater tunnel

Travellers are forever admiring how unbelievable the Faroe Islands are. Here is your guide when you want to capture the archipelago’s stickiness as a travel destination in one day only.

Streymoy Island

The boutique Hotel Havgrím is located in the capital, Tórshavn. You will get a peaceful seaside view when staying here.

Stay in the capital, Tórshavn, situated centrally in the cluster of islands. Head from your accommodation at 08:00am to the main attractions on the islands Streymoy and Eysturoy.

Take the old mountain road Oyggjarvegur from Tórshavn. Make sure to stop by Norðradalsskarð mountain pass along the route.

Now, drive further north to one of the most sought-after attractions: the village Saksun with a splendidly located tidal lagoon. It takes one hour to drive from Tórshavn to Saksun. Stop by the old farm Dúvugarðar in Saksun and go for a stroll in mesmerising surroundings. Leave Saksun at 09:30am. 

The old turf houses in Saksun. This is a remote and magic place. Photo by Dirk Horn known as @immerhalbvoll on Instagram.

Next, head to the Fossá Waterfall on your way to the isolated village Tjørnuvík. The ride from Saksun to the waterfall Fossá takes 30 minutes and then there is 15 minutes ride from there to Tjørnuvík. 

From the village Tjørnuvík you will experience the sea-stacks Risin & Kellingin. Tjørnuvík is a unique settlement and feels very remote. Leave Tjørnuvík at 11:30am.

Eysturoy Island

​The gorge and the village. You will find Gjógv on Eysturoy island.

We recommend you to take a light meal in the wooden building Gjáargarður in Gjógv when you get to the village at 12:15pm. Afterwards, go down to the shoreline and enter the 200 metre sea-filled gorge. You can also walk by the edge of the gorge and get a great view of both the gorge and the stunning village. 

When you leave Gjógv at 14:30pm, you will get to the mountain pass Gjáarskarð. From here you can do a short 15 minutes hike uphill to the unspoiled view from Hvíthamar. From this location you will have an incredible view of the Funningsfjørður fjord and of nearby mountains. 

Hvíthamar - Guide to Faroe Islands
The breathtaking view from Hvíthamar. The hike to this sight is only 15 minutes.

Now, head from Gjáarskarð to your accommodation in Tórshavn. It will take you less than one hour when driving through the undersea tunnel Eysturoyartunnilin. You will be back in Tórshavn at 17:00pm.

In the evening, make sure to dine out. You will find the best restaurants in the Faroe Islands in Tórshavn. A good option at a fair price is the Barbara Fish House in the old Heima í Havn district in Tórshavn with lots of turf roofed houses. Remember to reserve a table at least one week in advance. All tables tend to be fully booked days ahead.

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