Fossá Waterfall Travel Guide

By Verified Expert

Fossá Waterfall is the tallest waterfall in the Faroe Islands. The stunningly majestic coastal waterfall drop in two levels on Streymoy island. The attraction is easily accessible throughout the year.

You will find Fossá Waterfall in the northern part of Streymoy island, which is the main isles in the archipelago. The waterfall is located a stone’s throw from the village Haldórsvík.

Besides its impressive formation, Fossá Waterfall is known for its dark basalt wall which is an amazing contrast to the white water. You can get really close to the waterfall which is always an awe-inspiring experience. Fossá waterfall is especially impressive during rainy days. When standing in front of the constant flow of water, you will feel the spray in your face.

You get the true sense of scale when a person stands in the frame.

Located a comfortable 45 minutes drive from the capital, Tórshavn, on the east side of Streymoy island, the attraction is always worth it. The waterfall lies in the area Sundini next to the short bridge to the nearby Eysturoy island from where you can also experience Fossá. In this case, you will see the waterfall in the distance.

Fossá is 140 metres tall. The water flow is incredible and a real sight to behold. There is something about the waterfalls in the Faroe Islands. Fossá waterfall is no exception and is a real treat to experience.

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