Funningur Travel Guide

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Funningur is according to legends the oldest village in the Faroe Islands. Funningur sits at the foot of Slættaratindur which is the highest mountain in the Faroe Islands.

The village is nestled in a deep valley on Eysturoy island in beautiful surroundings and a curvy road leading to the village. There is a beautiful traditional wooden and turf-roofed church in the village.

The small church in Funningur. Photo by thibault on Instagram.

Just above Funningur lies Hvíthamar which has become a popular sight among travellers. The village is a 35 minutes drive from Tórshavn when taking the Eysturoy Tunnel shortcut from Streymoy island.

When you stand at Hvíthamar, you will have a panoramic view of Funningur and its surroundings. The hike to Hvíthamar will take you less than 15 minutes.

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