The Untamed Spirit of Faer Isles Distillery

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Is there anyone producing single malt whisky in the Faroe Islands? Is there a Faroese whisky on its way? Where can I visit the whisky distillery? Continue reading and learn everything about Faer Isles Distillery from the Faroe Islands. 

Faer Isles Distillery is a small whisky producer in the windy North Atlantic Ocean. The handcrafted production is remotely located in the hidden amphitheater look-alike village Vestmanna on Streymoy island.

In these rural settings, the only whisky in the Faroe Islands using timeless craftsmanship is produced. Here is the story of Faer Isles Distillery.

Faer Isles Distillery whiskey barrels will age with out in the wild with an unbelievable backdrop.

Hard work has been put into the Faer Isles Distillery project in order for production to start. Soon the first batch will decant in barrels and then stacked out in the wild nature. And before you know, you will be able to taste the finest whisky matured in the undiscovered Nordic archipelago.

The skilled founders of the whisky distillery use only pure water from the pristine streams finding their ways down the grass covered hillsides. Combined with golden barley these produce are transformed into the unique spirits and aged in oak casks facing the harsh landscapes in the middle of the salty North Atlantic Ocean. These unparalleled surroundings will ensure a rich body filed with character.

Finding the right taste is key.

The distillers are now waiting in patient for the moment when their whisky will shine. The whisky from Faer Isles Distillery will extract the untasted flavour and character of the Faroe Islands. The serenity of the island group will come true in the taste only years from now.

Faer Isles whisky will be an experience that encompasses all senses. From the taste of the shining liquid to the unbelievable nature surrounding you.

The ideal Faroe Islands Temperature

The harsh North Atlantic Ocean around the islands’ coastline creates more foam than anywhere else.

The weather in the Faroe Islands is windy and utterly intense. Travellers say they feel more alive after venturing out in the unbeatable coastlines and craggy mountain tops. 

The barrels will be exposed to rain and sea spray on most days. The weather is untamed whereas the temperature is very stable indeed. 

When you look at the thermometer it will almost always say between 5-15 °C. Be it in winter or summer, the temperature will be surprisingly stable. These are the perfect conditions for ageing whisky. With little daily and seasonal variation, the taste of Faroe Islands whisky will be something out-of-this world. It is made for people with character and style.

History of Whisky in the Faroe Islands

First batch of Gin was out in November 2021. Whiskey will follow in late 2024.

Faer Isles Distillery started out in 2018. Back in 2020 the distillery invited people to become a member of the Founders’ Club. There was great interest in becoming a founding member and now production of the company’s first batch is about to start.

The company is funded by a handful of investors together with community funding. If you want to own a part of Faer Isles Distillery then get in contact with the founding members. 

Behind Faer Isles Distillery are three local whisky enthusiasts. Bogi Karbech Mouritsen is the company’s Founder and Distillery Manager. Dánial Hoydal is a Founding Partner & Business Development Director. Bjarni Lamhauge is the Production Manager. These same guys have been worshipping whisky for manY years. So much so that they many years ago established Einmalt, the The Faroese Whisky Society.

Faer Isles derives from the first name for the islands given by the earliest settlers, which were Irish monks. On the first map of the Faroe Islands, the islands are called Faer Isles. Faer is an ancient word for sheep.

The archipelago is home to incredible natural ingredients. So beside producing high-quality whisky, the craft distillery offers travellers gin. Local botanicals such as angelica infused with seaweed provides the fine gin its unforgettable taste. But more than anything, the pure mountain water in the Faroe Islands is the main ingredient in both gin and whisky from Faer Isles Distillery. 

The first whisky is expected to enter the market in late 2024. Until then you can visit Faroe Islands to feel and explore the unfathomable environment in which the whisky will mature. 

Lingering on your tongue only years from now is an extraordinary experience crafted by Faroese entrepreneurs. As we toast in the Faroe Islands: Skál!

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