Vágur Travel Guide

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Vágur is the second largest village on the island Suðuroy. You will see amazing view when heading to the west coast from Vágur. Here you will find Vágseiði, which is a rugged coastline with dark basalt cliffs.

Another fantastic attraction near Vágur is the coastal view from Eggjarnar. An unpaved road leads from Vágur to this spectacular vantage point where you will experience the craggy coast west of Suðuroy island.

The highlight of the year for many locals in Vágur is the annual New Year’s Eve celebration. An impressive amount of people for the small size of the community are gathered on the village square Tríkanturin for the festivities.

People are entering the square with torches that are thrown on a wooden Viking boat, which stands on the square. This takes place at midnight when everyone has sung the Faroese hymn »Tíðin rennur sum streymur í á«.

Once the boat is burning, the fireworks starts. The people of Vágur organise the most impressive fireworks in the Faroe Islands.

Burning Viking boat on New Year’s Eve in Vágur. The annual event is truly special and definitely worth experiencing.
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