Vágseiði Travel Guide

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Vágseiði lies next to the football field in the village Vágur.

Vágseiði lies on the westside on the island Suðuroy. Vágseiði is known for its breathtaking cliffs and rocky reefs.

The attraction is easy to reach from the village Vágur. There is a parking lot next to the amazing sights.

Vágseiði. Photo by Mortan Mortensen.

Vágseiði used to give the villagers in Vágur important access to the fishing grounds west of Suðuroy island. A statue has been raised here to commemorate the small natural harbour.

When standing at the Vágseiði, you will have the most stunning views. The cliffs are exposed to the harsh waves from the North Atlantic Ocean. Whether you visit Vágseiði on a the bright summer evening or a windy winter day, you are guaranteed an amazing nature experience.

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