Wonderful 3 Hour Bike Climbing Tour to Viewpoint Norðradalsskarð

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Take a road, gravel or a e-bike to see one of the Faroe Island’s most iconic views. Discover the amazing sight from Norðradalsskarð. When biking to your destination there will be fantastic landscapes along the path. A local biking expert will be your tour guide. Biking in the Faroe Islands is a fantastic experience full of adventure, fun, and beautiful landscapes.

You will bike along the seaside towards Oyggjarvegurin. The view is beautiful from Oyggjarvegurin as it leads to the mountain pass, Norðadalsskarð, 225 metre above sea level.

At the pass, the view is truly spectacular over the hilly landscape, the peaceful village Norðradalur, the island of Koltur (478m) and the eternal horizon. You are going to love this place to the mountains and back.

Norðradalur is a large plain surrounded by high grass-covered mountains on three sides. Standing at the pass is breathtaking. This is a magical place in the Faroe Islands and it feels rewarding to reach Norðradalsskarð on a bike whether rain is falling from the sky or the sun shines through the clouds.

After enjoying the view, plant your feet on the pedals of you bike and slide your way down Oyggjarvegin. This time you will have a great view to the southern part of the islands and return to Tórshavn.

You will ride the hills up and down at your own pace. The tour guide will catch up on top and bottom. When back in the capital Tórshavn you have biked 27km. You will feel refreshed and a magnificent experience richer.

The tour starts at Sverrisgøta 20 in Tórshavn at 10:15 o’clock. The location is only 150 meters from Visit Torshavn in the heart of the city centre.

Don't wait any longer. Go on a 2-3 hours ride to Norðradalsskarð with a spectacular view over the island of Koltur. Check availability by choosing a date.






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4 reviews for Wonderful 3 Hour Bike Climbing Tour to Viewpoint Norðradalsskarð

  1. Matthew

    Bartal in Torshavn was a great cycle guide. He was friendly and enthusiastic, and we shared some very interesting conversations about the Faroe Islands in general, as well as the cycle culture within the islands. The tour involved a decent climb to begin with, but anyone with a moderate fitness level can definitely handle it. Plus, Bartal encourages you to go at the pace that is best for you, and he cycles accordingly. The views on the ride are absolutely stunning and it is a very enjoyable few hours out on the road! Definitely recommend this tour!

  2. Arjen Kremers

    Since I was the only person who booked for my timeslot, I had a private guide, really great that he does that.
    The guide was very nice, knew quite some things about the surroundings and some history. Thanks for descending into (and climbing out of) Norðradalur together!

  3. mary gustafson

    I was the only person on the tour so it was very much catered to my fitness level and I got a lot of great information about the area as we rode. I decided to make the ride down and back up from the valley once we arrived at Nororadalsskaro and it was very hard but worth the mental/physical exercise! The guide is very nice and flexible and I would definitely recommend this tour as a way to explore the island.

  4. Annika Theobald

    It was a physically challenging tour, but with an E-Bike totally comfortable doable! And the view at the goal was all worth it. The guide made everybody feel good and really looked out for us regarding our condition! We would definitely do it again and we highly recommend the tour!

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