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Discover the heart of Tórshavn on a joyful BeerWalk. This tour combines outdoor beer tasting in the beautiful capital of the Faroe Islands and a guided walk filled with stories and energy.

A local guide will greet you outside the café Kaffihúsið in downtown Tórshavn. The café is located by the lovely marina.

From the meeting point, the guide will take you to the first Craft Beer location to taste some Mikkeller beer. Mikkeller is a Copenhagen based and Danish world-renowned brewery with the most AMAZING bar in Tórshavn.

Now, you will explore the western part of the Tórshavn peninsula like a local. Go on a relaxed walk to catch a more intimate view of the capital city of Tórshavn at a leisurely pace on foot.

Along the route you will get untold stories served with passion. Your guide will take you to his/her favourite places in this charming little harbour city.

The Føroyar BeerWalk is a friendly experience filled with stories about the Faroe Islands, Tórshavn, the breweries Mikkeller and OY Brewing. It adds to the beauty of this tour that you will taste 5 different beers from these breweries.

The final beer tasting takes place at OY Brewing! This is a newly established craft beer brewery in Tórshavn with a bar, a lovely restaurant and a shop

Føroyar BeerWalk is an outdoor-only experience. The Faroe Islands can be windy and rainy. Oh, that's just a part of the experience. All you have to do is dress accordingly.

Tórshavn is the largest city capital of the Faroe Islands and is located on the island of Streymoy. Tórshavn has a bustling harbour and its characteristic black-tarred wooden houses from the 1800s. The town was established in the year 850 e.Kr. on the Tinganes Peninsula-

Today, there are almost 20,000 permanent residents in Tórshavn, making the city the largest in the Faroe Islands. The charming capital is modern and vibrant, offering everything from museums and galleries, music venues, nightclubs and cinemas, cafes and restaurants to pedestrian and shopping malls.

Føroyar BeerWalk is all about beer, stories and walking! Your guide is ready to give you the absolute best and most unique beer experience in the Faroe Islands! Check availability by choosing a date.


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