Faroese Beer Tour | Hiking to Kirkjubøur

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Join this spectacular hike where you will be served two cans of tasty Faroese beers. Coffee and tea is also included in the price as well as some delicious snacks.

This is a 4-hour guided tour along the cozy walking route from Tórshavn to the village of Kirkjubøur, one of the oldest villages in the Faroe Islands.

You will meet and greet the tour guide in Steinatún, the downtown bus-stop area in Tórshavn, before the departure of bus 2, which will take us to the outskirts of Tórshavn, where the walking route to Kirkjubøur begins. This is a eight-minute bus-ride.

On the way to Kirkjubøur, you will pass the site where Faroe Islanders have gathered for open air public meetings since the second half of the 19th century - with flags, speeches and patriotic songs composed for the occasions.

You will have a great view of Sandoy, Hestur, Koltur and Vágar - and of Tórshavn and Nólsoy before you go round "Reynsmúli" on your way out of Tórshavn.

On the trip, you will be served two cans of tasty Faroese beers. Coffee is also included in the price as well as some delicious snacks.

You will stop a couple of times along the route - to enjoy the food and beer and to relax. And you will be treated to some fun local history, and it has to be said: the view from the top is spectacular (provided it is not foggy, of course).

When you arrive in Kirkjubøur, you will have the opportunity to stroll around the village and enjoy the historical sites there:

1) Magnus Cathedral ruins from about 1300 

2) Saint Olav´s Church, the oldest still used church of the Faroes dating from 12th century

3) Kirkjubøargarður, the oldest still inhabited wooden house of the world from 11th century.

You will take Bus 6 on our way back to Tórshavn, Steinatún. 

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2 reviews for Faroese Beer Tour | Hiking to Kirkjubøur

  1. Ashby

    An excellent hike with a friendly and knowledgeable guide! Jens brought along some very enjoyable local, home-prepared foods, along with Faroese beer and coffee.
    Arriving on foot in Kirkjubour was so much more rewarding than by car or bus. Highly recommended.

  2. Shonnell

    We loved everything about this tour. It was a hike we would have struggled to do on our own as it was hard to navigate, so we are very happy we went with a guide. The snacks and drinks provided were great and we learnt so much about the Faroe Islands from Jens. Highly recommend doing this tour as you get so much more than just a hike.

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