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Capture the most sought-after attractions on northern Streymoy and Eysturoy on camera. You will join a local guide and photographer who will take you to the best attractions on the beautiful northern part of the islands Streymoy and Eysturoy.

Your tour guide will pick you up in the morning in Tórshavn. If another pick up location suits you better, that's no problem at all. 

On your way to Gjógv, your tour guide will take you to one of the most stunning views in the Faroe Islands, a short drive uphill, followed by a walk to the famous Hvíthamar site where you get to experience the panoramic view overlooking Funningsfjørður fjord. This is one of the most stunning fjords in the Faroe Islands. Hvíthamar is situated on the steep ridge halfway between Funningur and Middagsfjall mountain.

Next stop is Gjógv. Here you will see the impressive gorge in the middle of the scenic village of Gjógv. You will walk 200 metres along the edge of the ravine until you reach the end and highest point. From this spot you will have a breathtaking view of the entire gorge together with the village and the wide mountain sides. Experiencing the untamed nature surrounding the cosy village life in Gjógv is breathtaking. You will also have the opportunity to come close to the rich birdlife here.

On the way from Gjógv you will stop along the mountain road to snap the village Funningur from the mountainside of Slættaratindur. This is where you will see the iconic road zigzagging its way towards the small village Funningur.

Taking the scenic route back, we will stop above the village Eiði to enjoy the view of the legendary Risin & Kellingin (the Giant and the Witch). Finally, you will head back towards Streymoy and stop at Faroe Island's largest waterfall, Fossá, whereafter you will follow the epic road to the remote village Tjørnuvík. In this secluded place on earth, you can enjoy a cup of tea or coffee and have a stroll on the beautiful black beach.

Your tour guide will make sure that you will stand on the very same spot where all the well known photos are taken from. Oh, once you see them with your own eyes (and camera!) prepare to be amazed.

You will join a tour that takes advantage of the ever changing light in the Faroe Islands. Expect to see several season during the course of the day!

Once you reach the different locations, your tour guide will assist you getting the perfect camera angle that will do for the best shot. The tour guide will inspire you but let you take your photos yourself.

What are you waiting for? Take advantage of the knowledge of a local photographer when experiencing these famous sights on the neighbouring islands Streymoy and Eysturoy. Check availability by choosing a date.






Eysturoy Island

Fossá Waterfall




Risin & Kellingin

Streymoy Island


3 reviews for The Photography Tour | Funningur, Gjógv, Tjørnuvík

  1. Viktor Soe

    Ditte is a fantastic guide who is not only knowledgeable, but also flexible. She was very accommodating in adjusting the tour based on which locations I have visited prior to the tour, and she substituted it with a little city tour and added some other photo-stop locations. She also takes care of her clients’ well-being and makes them feel engaged and welcomed. Would strongly recommend this tour!

  2. Gabriel Pemberton

    The tour with Ditte was very good, she really pays attention to the individual and takes an interest, and tries to make the tour as personal as possible so that you get the best experience.

    She is very sociable and warm & what’s you to experience the best the Faroese has to offer, (people and places), she knows the different islands and most photographic places to visit as well which means visitors will have a great time when out with Ditte on tour.

  3. Mark Schnitzer

    Great tour, Ditte was an amazing guide. The views were spectacular and even the weather was kind, which is not often the case in the Faroes. Even if you only have one day in the Faroes, this is the tour to take. Thanks Ditte!

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