Classic 6 Day Summer Package of the Faroe Islands

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Secure yourself a six day summer package in the Faroe Islands. You will visit the most popular sights during your stay including the puffin island Mykines and the tiny settlement Saksun and majestic waterfalls such as Fossá Waterfall.

Booking this package tour makes your Faroe Island vacation stress-free and seamless. There are six day tours included in this nature packed summer package for those wanting to travel the Faroe Islands with ease. This vacation package is made especially for those first-time travellers to the unspoiled North Atlantic archipelago.

All tours are planned and organised in advance ensuring you to get the full grasp of the best attractions in the untouched Faroe Islands. This extraordinary package tour in the Faroe Islands will let you explore with no hassle and alleviate lot of the headache when planning tours and activities on your holiday. Everything is sorted out for you. 

Experienced tour guides will pick you up at hotels in Tórshavn for all six tours. Your adventure will start every morning when you step aboard a comfortable coach.

Simply sit back and relax as your tour guide takes you to the fantastic sceneries around the islands. You will be back in Tórshavn every afternoon after your amazing day trips. 

So, you will see beautiful seaside villages, remote islands, and captivating mountains. One of the absolute highlights of this package tour is a day trip to Mykines Island where you will experience all the puffins. You will also go on boat trips in narrow straits, watch birdlife and sheer cliffs, and impressive rock formations from the sea. 

This package will make your journey an ease. Inform yourself about the full itinerary by pressing "Daily Itinerary".

What are you waiting for? Escape the crowds for a while and embrace the unspoiled beauty in the Faroe Islands by booking this essential package tour. Check availability by choosing a date.


Bird Watching

Boat Trip

Cultural Activity




Borðoy Island



Eysturoy Island

Fossá Waterfall




Kallur Lighthouse

Kalsoy Island


Kunoy Island

Lake Sørvágsvatn


Mykines Island

Risin & Kellingin



Streymoy Island

Suðuroy Island





Vágar Island

Vestmanna Sea Cliffs


Viðoy Island

13 reviews for Classic 6 Day Summer Package of the Faroe Islands

  1. Anna Griaznova

    First of all I’d like to say a huge thank you to you personally for being so helpful and efficient with my booking.

    Secondly I’d like to thanks the tour guides especially the elderly couple on our Vestmanna Sea Cliffs. They were both fantastic. So funny and interesting people.

    I had enjoyed Faroe Islands more than I thought I would. You have beautiful country with lovely people.

  2. Mahesh Deshpande

    We had a wonderful time during our visit to Faroe Islands. The package was really well planned and covers major viewpoints. I observed that guides are very well trained and they are very passionate about the work. We also managed to get vegan food.

  3. Krystal Wubben

    I had an amazing week, thank you so much! The tours were incredible and I really appreciated the guides and their great driving.

  4. Ruth Wilson

    I enjoyed the trip and appreciated your “going the extra mile” for my last minute booking. Thanks for one of my best trips ever!

  5. Noelia García

    I have just returned from my trip to the Faroe Islands and I would like to comment that it has been fantastic. It is an incredible place to visit both for its spectacular landscapes and for its charming people.

    I booked the 6-day tour but added the excursion that I needed to do the 7 days. I think it is essential to stay as many days as possible and do the 7 tours to see the most important places in the Faroe Islands. On the excursions I had several guides, all of them charming and very professional, highlighting Elsa Maria for her friendliness and closeness.

    I want to especially thank Hogni’s help in the entire management of the trip, since I had to cancel it last year due to the pandemic and that, finally, I was able to do it in 2021.

  6. Veerle Verswijvelen

    The tours were amazing, I really enjoyed every day! They offered some amazing views.

    If a friend of mine would consider coming to the Faroe Islands I would certainly recommend this package.

  7. Sollers Sollers

    We did spend a good time in the Faroe Islands. The highlight of this tour was the Streymoy island & Eysturoy island, after walking the path at Saksun, the panorama view at Dúvugarðar is amazing! And also the part of hiking to Kallur lighthouse, every step with a stunning view! I did take a lot of good pictures too! Definitely suitable for those who love taking pictures, or hiking for sure!

  8. Katlyn Kty

    Amazingly fantastic! Hightly recommend it

  9. Aleksandra Savic

    Our 6 days tour with this amazing tour operator was something that we will remember for the rest of our lives. The places we visited, the activities that we had, the photographs and memories that we took with us, would not be so unforgettable if it were not for our wonderful guides. So thank you everyone for treating us like a family and making this trip a once in a lifetime experience.

  10. Patrizia Vavassori

    In 6 days tour, I met 3 guides, all gifted, caring, restless, curious, funny and knowledgeable.
    Couldn’t ask for more.
    Only one rainy day and one misty. I’ve been lucky even with the weather.
    Go see the islands with this 6 day package, you won’t be disappointed 😉

  11. 葉志君

    Overall it was a wonderful experience to travel around the islands with this package. I had a very good impression on the Faroe Islands. The views was spectular and I saw what I had expected to see in the 6-day summer package tour. All the popular scenic spots are included in the package and it seems that I could travel around the Islands at ease.
    The staff did listen to guests’ opinion and offered different options for our lunch.
    I had three different guides in my tour and they are all knowledgable, professional and responsible. Some even have a sense of humour.
    The mini coach is a good way to travel on the islands but it was a bit too crowded when it was full. I found it quite uncomfortable when there was someone sitting next to me.
    The add-on hikes are truly worth it but it will be much better if guests have ample time to enjoy the views and take photos there.

  12. Shazilla Ong

    Firstly, Faroe Island is simply breathtaking, magnificent and awe-inspiring.

    Everything was simply amazing! Tours were great with lots of random photo stops along the way, usually extremely photogenic places. My tour guide was knowledgable and had a really good sense of humour, with his nugget of information about statistics of Faroe, the tunnels, and the language. Jógvan was brilliant, extremely bright and knowledgable on vast topics ranging from history of Faroe and Viking, topics on how Christianity came into Faroe, geography of the landscape as well as the myths, mythologies and stories of Faroe. Absolutely a delight to hear those stories! Ultimately our guide and the team was really hospitable and engaging throughout the tour, trying to be more personable by chatting and getting to know almost each and everyone of the people on the tour. Great job guys and thank you for making my Faroe trip so memorable!

  13. Haig Agulian

    Guide to Faroe Islands has been exceptional with the delivery and orchestration of each of their tours as part of this 6 day package. I highly recommend it to solo travellers where you visit all the main sights on the Faroe Islands, meet some incredible and informative guides like Jogvan and Elsa Maria, and experience some local cuisine, culture and hospitality. The tours were quite small in numbers due to covid19 which made it even more intimate and we were very lucky with the weather on nearly all days. Highlights were certainly the hike to Traelanipa to see the Lake above the Ocean, waltzing around with the puffin colonies on Mykines island, hiking to the James Bond Kallur lighthouse – the end of the world – with a local farmer boy, being filled with awe by the majestic beauty of Mulafossur waterfall at Gasadalur and taking flight with the plethora of sea birds at the Vestmanna Sea Cliffs boat tour. Truly an experience not to be missed by Hogni and his team.

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