The Tórshavn Pub Crawl

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Day Tour
2.5 hours
Start town
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Experience the odly many pubs in Tórshavn with a local guide and make new friends along the way. You will be guided through the side streets of Tórshavn to discover the best pubs. This is your opportunity to get close to the locals and enjoy the good range of bars in town.

Your your guide will take you through both how to chit-chat with locals and the many stories from in and around the pubs. You will sample a variety of Faroese beers while learning about the best pubs filled with character.

This tour gives you a true sense and a deeper understanding of the norms and characteristics of the Faroese people. Your tour guide will go over old drinking stories in the capital, and also how the beer scene is growing and what cultural impact beer has had on the Faroese people while exploring the history of beers in the Faroe Islands.

The tour begins in downtown Tórshavn at 'Vaglið', and from there your guide will take you on a pub adeventure that will make a lasting memory. Your tour guide is an expert in the Faroe Islands nightlife. You will learn how to pronounce Skál (cheers) and other important words when you go for a night out.

If the opportunity opens, hopefully you will have a chat with locals - and maybe hear some interesting stories from them as well. Your fun and knowledgeable guide will be your icebreaker when starting conversations with the gently Faroe Islanders.

This pub crawl in Tórshavn will secure you to taste the delicious Faroese craft beers that everyone is talking about. Included in this trip is one beer or 'snaps' at each bar/pub - or both ;) You are welcome to buy more beers during this perfect crawl through turf-roofed pubs and great bars. This might be the closest you can get to the core of Faroese lifestyle.

Don’t hesitate booking this phenomenal pub crawl in Tórshavn. Check availability by choosing a date.


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