The Complete Guide to Travel Safety in Faroe Islands

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Is it safe to travel in the Faroe Islands? Are the roads in the Faroe Islands dangerous? Is Torshavn a safe city? What about small villages and other towns? Is there anything you need to worry about as a female solo traveller? Continue reading and you will know everything there is to know before your Faroe Islands vacation.

The Faroe Islands is a safe destination for both male and female travellers. Crime level is perhaps the lowest in the world. There are no reported crimes involving pick pocketing, thefts from hotel rooms and bag/purse-snatching. There has never been a reported violent crime against any traveller from abroad.

Description: People Faroe IslandsDescription: Klik og træk for at flytte​Beautiful views near Oyggjarvegur on Streymoy island. Photo by Turið Gaard Hansen.

Many locals keep their cars and houses unlock simply because they are not used to any crime. This is common across the entire archipelago including the capital, Tórshavn.

Tórshavn is the capital and most populous city in the Faroe Islands with some 20.000 friendly people most of them home-owners. The capital is safe and you will never, never feel inconvenient when walking on the streets.

Are the Faroe Islands safe?

​Saksun is one of the small and peaceful villages in the Faroe Islands.Photo by Albert Photo on Shutterstock.

Being an isolated archipelago with a tidy population of just above 50.000 inhabitants make the Faroe Islands a perfectly safe travel destination. You can go for a stroll safely both night and day wherever you want. The streets are peaceful and quiet. 

The Faroe Islands are made for female solo travel. The locals are respectful whoever you are and they reach out and help each other.

Is it safe to drive in the Faroe Islands?

​The tranquil settlement Mikladalur on Kalsoy island. Photo by Nick Fox from Shutterstock.

Make sure to keep in mind the driving conditions as the weather in the Faroe Islands can vary quite a lot. Driving in the Faroe Islands is safe but there are some tunnels that are very narrow especially in the northern part of the country and some travellers find it claustrophobic to enter these tunnels that are dark and have only one lane.

You will find health services in all larger towns. There are three hospitals in the Faroe Islands. The national hospital, which is by far the largest, is in the capital, Tórshavn. The two other hospitals are in Klaksvík on Borðoy island and in Tvøroyri on Suðuroy island.

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