Faroe Islands in June | Things to do & see

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What is there to do and see in Faroe Islands in June? What is Faroe Islands’ weather like in June? Can you experience the midnight sun during peak of summer? What wildlife can you see? Are there any puffin tours running? Continue reading to learn everything about your June vacation in Faroe Islands.

It might still feel as spring but summer has arrived. June is a great month for you to visit the Faroe Islands. You are very likely to be forever in awe of the unspoiled nature during the first official summer month.

You will love the wide range of activities on offer in June. Here is your guide to the first summer month in the Faroe Islands.

Delightful view of Trøllkonufingur rock formation on Vágar island. Photo by Smit on Shutterstock.

June is an excellent month to visit the Faroe Islands with jaw-packed opportunities for nature experiences. There are so many attractions just awaiting to be explored in the timeless summer light.

From mid-June all tours bookable in the Faroe Islands are open for travellers. This is the perfect time to enjoy the closeness of calming landscapes and the clean Nordic air.

Boat tours are popular activity to partake in during the summer months. Photo by Chris Poplawski known as @chrisroams on Instagram.

Joining a boat tour to Drangarnir sea arch is an amazing nature experience. There is something truly magical about sailing along the rough and uneven coastline and seeing the rock formation Drangarnir with your own eyes. On days when the sea is calm, you might even be lucky to sail through the hole in the sea stack.

Drangarnir is located on Vágar island. The boat depart from the village Sørvágur right next to the archipelago’s airport.

Make sure to also book the classic boat tour to the Vestmanna Sea Cliffs. These towering sea cliffs rises out of the North Atlantic Ocean on the island Streymoy.

A great way to get familiar with Faroe Islands in June is to partake in this popular Full-Day “See It All” Faroe Islands Tour. The guided tour is the perfect introduction to the islands.

The trendy café Brell in Tórshavn. You will get the best coffee in the Faroe Islands here.

When summer hits the Faroe Islands, lots of things are happening. Small cafés and restaurants pop up in almost every village across the islands.

You can sit down for a while and have a cup of coffee and something to eat in small and remote villages such as Skálavík and Hvannasund. Here and elsewhere, locals open small cosy houses in summer where you can sit down and enjoy a drink, the peace and quiet surroundings.

Múlafossur is one of the highlights in the Faroe Islands. You will experience this attraction on Vagar Islands.

If you want to experience the endless beauty of the long summer nights and the midnight sun in all its glory, June is the best time for you to visit. The sun does almost not set at all giving you plenty of hours to explore the untouched nature.

Around midsummer the weeks leading up to 21 June and the weeks afterwards, you will experience almost nightless nights. If you like staying up late or waking up early, this is your moment. Go hiking, kayaking or do anything anytime in 24/7 hours of light.

The month of June will make sure that you make the most out of your Nordic journey. This is the perfect time of year to spending time in nature.

Wildlife in June

The Atlantic Puffin. June is a great time to experience puffins in the Faroe Islands. The local word in the Faroe Islands for a puffin is Lundi. There are 500.000 puffins in the Faroe Islands in June. Photo by Kah-Wai Lin.

The Faroe Islands are an outdoor wonderland and June is one of those summer months where you can experience exotic wildlife. You will have lots of opportunities to get close to the extraordinary bird life as this is the season when birds in the Faroe Islands breed.

One popular thing to do in June is to experience the untamed bird cliffs along the northern coastline of Vestmanna. It is hard to resist taking a photo when sailing beneath towering basalt rock walls with birds flying calmly above your head. However, photos here will never do as it is simply too mesmerising to capture this enchanting nature adventure on camera.

There are puffins in incredible numbers in Mykines in June. Photo by Kah-Wai Lin.

The most common birds to see here are Puffins, Guillemots, and Arctic Terns. If you are lucky, you might also get a glimpse of a seal swimming in the deep blue water or lying on a skerry along the boat ride. Boat tours to Vestmannabjørgini as these cliffs are called in the Faroese language last for two hours.   

Boats to Vestmanna Bird Cliffs depart from the bay in Vestmanna on Streymoy island. The village is located 40 minutes from Tórshavn and from Vágar Airport.

The bird cliffs in Vestmanna. The boat will sail close to these amazing cliffs.

One absolutely highlight in June is to do a day tour to the small island Mykines. The most westerly island in the archipelago will connect you deeply with nature. When visiting Mykines by either boat or helicopter, travellers are rewarded with one of the most adorable birds in the Faroe Islands: The Atlantic Puffin.

Only a stone’s throw away form the village in Mykines, you will see the first puffins. This bird with its colourful beak does not mind you walking only metres away from its burrow. Do not let this experience pass you by, if you are in the Faroe Islands in June. 

The breathtakingly beautiful Tindhólmur islet. Photo by James Robert Campbell known as @j3_photography on Instagram.

Another great option the do bird watching is to join a guided tour to Kalsoy island. When going on one of the arranged day tours, you will experience some of the most outstanding views in the Faroe Islands. An immense birdlife surrounds the sheer cliffs here. Your tour guide will make sure that you get an unforgettable tour filled with adventure.

Kalsoy island is most known for the white and red painted lighthouse that sits on the Kallur promontory. Standing beside Kallur Lighthouse is an unforgettable experience.

The amazing scenery surrounding Kalosy island.

It ads to the awesomeness of this place that the location features in the James Bond movie No Time To Die. Actually, James Bond dies when standing on the edge of Kalsoy island. You can walk in the footsteps of James Bond and enjoy the rich birdlife when joining the Official James Bond Faroe Islands Day Tour.

If you like the feeling of high-speed, then go for an adrenaline-raising adventure to see the kittiwakes on the western side of the island Hestur. There are several tours made each day with departure from the harbour Gamlarætt just before you get to the village Kirkjubøur a short 20 minutes ride outside of Tórshavn on a first-class road. This fast going boat ride to stunning wildlife is a popular summer attraction in the Faroe Islands.

The Faroe Islands weather in June

June is by any means truly a remarkable time to do a Faroe Islands holiday break and is one of the most popular months to visit. It is easy to understand why.

June is the month when soothing green becomes the dominating colour on hillsides and especially around small villages such as Gásadalur where the locals do their traditional agriculture work. The fresh growth is a true source of inspiration for Faroe Islanders and travellers alike.

The lush green landscapes and the blue ocean looks gorgeous. Add to all this the sheep lambs all across the country and their baa sound that make up the perfect soundtrack for your Faroe Islands summer holiday.

​Cute lambs are omnipresent in the Faroe Islands in June. Photo by ictoria Ostapova also know as @vialma on Instagram.

June is the month when you will have most hours of daylight to enjoy the peacefulness of the landscapes and wildlife in the Faroe Islands. At summer solstice on 21 June, there are 19 hours and 45 minutes of daylight!

It will never get totally dark in June. Even though you are here to explore the archipelago in full, getting a good night’s sleep is important. So it is a good idea to bring a sleeping mask.

 Sunrise TimeSunset TimeHours of Light
June 1st03.5322.5819 hrs 04 mins
June 30th03.4323.1819 hrs 35 mins

Temperatures are increasing in June and the average temperature being 10°C (50°F). As always, you can expect days with rain but the wind is usually not that present even though you will still feel the fresh wind blow in your face especially when aboard a boat or on your way to a mountain summit.

Now, are you planning to visit the Faroe Islands in June? Make sure to book local experiences and you will get a true sense of life in the unspoiled Faroe Islands.

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