Stóra Dímun Travel Guide

By Verified Expert

Stóra Dímun is a small island in the Faroe Islands home to 10 residents. The highest peak on the island is Høgoyggj (396 m).

The only way to enter Stóra Dímun is by helicopter service. The helicopter operates twice a week throughout the year.

Stóra Dímun means Large Dímun and the nightbouring island Lítla Dímun means Small Dímun. Dímun is an old Norse word for two things similar.

The island is located in the southern part of the archipelago. You always feel the weather up front when you stand on Stóra Dímun. The best advice that you will get from the few islanders here is that the weather decides what you can do on the island.

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