Mikladalur Travel Guide

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Mikladalur is a village on Kalsoy island located in the northern part of the unbelievable Faroe Islands. Mikladalur means “the great valley”. It is the most spacious valley on the island. There are several beautiful turf houses in the village.

The iconic statue Kópakonan stands by the shoreline in Mikladalur. In order to reach Kópakonan, directly translated to the Seal Woman, you will walk down a steep hillside on good stairs. There is a great view of the nearby Kunoy island from Mikladalur.

​The most popular sight in the village is the turf house with a small turfed shack beside the house. You will find this attraction when you drive down the valley and into the village.

Mikladalur is located next to the village Trøllanes famous for its appearance in the James Bond movie No Time to Die. You will pass Mikladalur when joining the Official James Bond Faroe Islands Tour.

There is a nice collection of sod-food houses in Mikladalur.

In order to reach Mikladalur, you will take a 20 minutes ferry from Borðoy island to Kalsoy Island. The ferry to Kalsoy island departs from the city Klaksvík.

Once you get to Kalsoy island, you will head north along the narrow island’s east face. Before you get to Mikladalur, you will pass through three mountain tunnels. These tunnels are all single-track and they come with lay-bys to smoothen oncoming traffic.

The village Mikladalur on Kalsoy Island. Photo by Guide to Faroe Islands.
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