Trælanípan Travel Guide

By Verified Expert

Trælanípan is one of the most renowned nature attractions in the Faroe Islands. From Trælanípan, in English the Slave Cliff, you can see the lake overlooking the salty North Atlantic ocean.

The scenery at Trælanípan is among travellers’ favourite spots to visit in the Faroe Islands. The trailhead to Trælanipa is very close to Vagar Airport on Vágar Island.

The hike from the parking area 5 minutes from the airport takes 1 hour. The parking lot beside a small shed from where the hike to Trælanípa starts is located next to the village Miðvágur. There are signs in Miðvágur pointing you in the direction to the shed.

​The perpendicular rock wall at Trælanípa. Photo by @zoomonu_studios on Instagram.

You will hike along the lake Leitisvatn on your way to Trælanípa. This is also the lake that you will see perched above the ocean from the sheer cliff.

The waterfall Bøsdalafossur drops from the lake into the ocean just beside this popular attraction. The lake floats 38 metres above the ocean here. Most of the lake is 60 metre deep so a lot of the water in the lake is actually under sea level. Ironically, the lake is often called the Lake Above the Ocean due to the optical illusion created by the cliff’s wall. Tt looks as if the lake hoovers far from sea level.

Another popular attraction just a short walk from Trælanípa is the towering rock wall Geituskorardrangur. You will walk for 10 minutes from Trælanípa in order to get to Geituskorardrangur.

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