Covid-19 Guidelines for Travellers to the Faroe Islands in 2022

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Are you planning to Visit Faroe Islands or did you just arrive? Read about the liberal COVID-19 policy in the Faroe Islands, how to travel around the Faroe Islands safely, the local progress in vaccination, the returning-back-to-normal reality, and the super friendly cancellation policies at Guide to Faroe Islands during coronavirus.

Updated: 22 April 2022

The Faroese authorities have abandoned all COVID-19 related restrictions of any kind. You do not have to even think about coronavirus while in the Faroe Islands. 1 March 2022 marked the end of coronavirus regulations in the Faroe Islands. You can find statistics about COVID-19 in the Faroe Islands on the Faroese Government’s COVID-19 information site.

Below, you have the most insightful guide to the Faroe Islands amid COVID-19. Continue reading to know what to expect during your stay.

1 March 2022 Marks the End of all Pandemic Rules in the Faroe Islands

Happy travellers exploring the Faroe Islands. Photo by Chris Poplawski known as @chrisroams on Instagram.

Starting from 1 March 2022, the Faroe Islands has lifted all COVID-19 restrictions. Prime Minister, Bárður á Steig Nielsen, announced the Faroe Islands with no COVID-19 restrictions at a press conference in January 2022.

This means that there are now no testing and quarantining in the Faroe Islands. No negative coronavirus test to show upon arrival and no vaccination card needed before entering an airport taxi or dining at a restaurant. This bold decision by the Faroese Prime Minister has resumed travel in the Faroe Islands as before Covid-19.

Is it safe to travel to Faroe Islands?

Travellers visiting the Faroe Islands in summer can enjoy cute puffins. Photo by Victoria Ostapova also know as @vialma on Instagram.

Throughout the whole COVID-19 pandemic, the Faroe Islands took all necessary measures. The government followed a very strict testing and tracing protocol.

Even during the peak of the Omicron variant, the Faroe Islands tested significantly. Meantime, the national vaccine rollout was steaming ahead.

What makes Faroe Islands safe during COVID-19?

The Faroe Islands are all about wide-open spaces and wilderness. Photo by @soh.nomadic on Instagram.

The Faroe Islands has a very small population. There are only 53,500 people living in the untouched archipelago. With one of the world’s least populous countries, the villages are spacious and the nature alike.

The Faroe Islands became the world champion in testing capacity during the pandemic with the highest testing rate worldwide. A total of 800,000 PCR tests were carried out for a population of only 53,500 during the pandemic. 

Vaccinated & Non-vaccinated Travellers are Welcome

The famous waterfall Múlafossur seen from the sea side.

Both vaccinated, previously infected people and non-vaccinated travellers are welcome to the Faroe Islands. There is no quarantining upon arrival and no requirement to present a negative result from a test taken before entering the Faroe Islands.

You can start exploring the unbelievable nature from the minute you arrive. Still anxious to join large crowds? No worries as you will find it difficult to stumble into masses on the sparsely populated islands.

Faroe Islands Covid Cases

Far away from the crowds on Kalsoy island. Photo by @soh.nomadic on Instagram.

After a three month lockdown during the first COVID wave, the Faroe Islands opened up again in June 2020. The Prime Minister Bárður á Steig Nielsen announced the reopening at a press conference in the capital Tórshavn. The archipelago has been open ever since.

The infection rate was very low the first one-and-a-half-year into the pandemic. There was a surge in active cases in late October 2021. Even with a remarkably high number of daily cases (1,125 cases on 1 February 2022) during winter 2021/22 there were only very few COVID-19 related hospitalisations and casualties. A total of 28 people in the Faroe Islands have died while having the virus in their body

No Corona Test Needed from 1 March 2022

Tindhólmur islet near the only airport in the Faroe Islands.

There is no COVID-19 testing in the Faroe Islands from 1 March 2022. There have been different recommendations throughout the pandemic.

There has been mandatory COVID-19 testing at the borders. There has been self-isolation for travellers until they have received a negative COVID-19 result on day two after arrival. All these recommendations are over and out from 1 March 2022.

If you should want to take a test in the Faroe Islands, then contact Thetis. They have a test centre in the capital, Tórshavn. You can also buy at-home test kits at all grocery stores all across the island group.

What is the Vaccination Status in the Faroe Islands?

Villages like Gjógv on Eysturoy island offer wide open spaces. Only 23 people live in Gjógv.

The local health authorities have managed to vaccinate the majority of the Faroe Islanders. 91,2% of the population 12 years and older have received two dose of COVID-19. Everyone in the Faroe Islands are vaccinated with Pfizer. Same goes for the booster shot. The first person in the Faroe Islands was vaccinated at the end of 2020.

There has been lots of recommendations during Covid-19. There are no steps to be followed from 1 March 2022. Look forward to explore the Faroe Islands without any restrictions. This is the travel status:

  • No Covid-19 test before you reach the Faroe Islands
  • No Covid-19 test after arrival in the Faroe Islands
  • No social distancing and all those recommendations that you have heard so much about
  • No face mask requirement

How to get to the Faroe Islands during COVID-19

Turf-roofed cottages on Streymoy island in the Faroe Islands. Photo by Victoria Ostapova also know as @vialma on Instagram.

Your best bet when heading to the Faroe Islands is to stop over in Denmark. There are several daily flights from Kastrup airport in Denmark to Vagar airport in the Faroe Islands.

Alternatively, you can get to the Faroe Islands from Keflavík airport in Iceland. Flights from Iceland to the Faroe Islands are on schedule on Fridays and Mondays. There is a third weekly flight from Iceland to the Faroe Islands on Wednesdays from early April and throughout September.

There are three airline companies flying to the Faroe Islands. You can take Scandinavian Airlines from Copenhagen to Vagar airport and Atlantic Airways operates a daily direct route to the Faroe Islands from Copenhagen. There are less frequent flights from other airports in Europe too among them flights from Bergen with the airline company Widerøe.

What if COVID-19 Affects my Travel Booking?

The winding road leading to the small hamlet Norðradalur on Streymoy island. Photo by @soh.nomadic on Instagram.

Guide to Faroe Islands is proud to let you know that all refund requests for COVID-19 related cancellations to date have been honored. We honor our cancellation policy fully.

Travel to the Faroe Islands After COVID-19

Hotel Brandan opened in July 2020 as the Faroe Islands is becoming a hot travel destination in the cold north. Photo by Ólavur Frederiksen.

Everyone expected a tourism boom in the Faroe Islands in 2020. The islands are featured in the new James Bond movie No Time To Die and new flight routes to London and New York were expected to open in the year.

The hotel capacity doubled in summer 2020 with two new hotels, including a Hilton hotel in the capital on Streymoy island. Expectations were high that 2020 would be a record breaking year for tourism in the Faroe Islands.

Instead 2020 became a quiet year and 2021 was quiet too. Now is the perfect time for travellers to experience this tranquil and untouched destination with wide-open spaces.

We at Guide to Faroe Islands are super excited to welcome you to the Faroe Islands in 2022. Plan your vacation escape by reading the best articles about the Faroe Islands.

We have made the most amazing packages, day tours, and experiences ready for you to book. You will get those special nature moments worth travelling for.

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