Sandavágur Travel Guide

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The village Sandavágur is situated on Vágar island. It is the last village before you enter the sub-sea tunnel leading to the main island Streymoy.

Just a short drive from the village Sandavágur lies the impressive rock formation Trøllkonufingur or the Troll Woman’s Finger. There are signs in Sandavágur that will lead you to Trøllkonufingur.

The church in Sandavágur on Vágar island.

One of the kay features in Sandavágur is the centrally located church. The bright red-roofed church with white corrugated boarding stands out as one of the most beautiful buildings in the Faroe Islands.

You will find an ancient runestone from the Viking Age inside the church. There is a spacious parking lot next to the church.

The statue Seyðamaðurin á Sondum in Sandavágur.

Next to the church lies the statue Seyðamaðurin á Sondum. It is one of the largest monuments in the Faroe Islands.

Seyðamaðurin á Sondum is an old folklore about a shepherd in Sandavágur. The statue consists of Faroese basalt and iron.

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