Experience the Northern Lights in the Faroe Islands

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Can you see the Northern Lights in the Faroe Islands? How often do they occur? And what is the best time to visit the Faroe Islands to experience the Northern Lights? Read on to discover everything there is to know about aurora borealis in the Faroe Islands.

With some luck you can experience the Northern Lights in the Faroe Islands during the winter months from November to February. Seeing the velvet-like lights dance above you on a clear cold night is an absolutely magical experience that will stay with you forever.

For the people lucky enough to experience it, seeing the Northern Lights in the Faroe Islands is easily the highlight of their trip. Here is your guide to nature’s own light display, aurora borealis! 

When Can you see the Northern Lights in the Faroe Islands?

​On clear nights you might be lucky at catch a glimpse of the aurora borealis. Photo by Ólavur Frederiksen.

Spotting the Northern Lights can never be guaranteed in any location, as much depends on the weather being clear and temperature going to 0C (32F) or below. If seeing the Northern Lights, called Norðlýsi in Faroese, tops your absolute bucket list there are places closer to the arctic circle where you are more likely to experience them.

If you happen to be here during the winter months and would like to experience the Northern Lights, make sure to keep a keen eye on the weather forecast. The elusive lights sometimes show their face during the evening and nights when the sky is clear and the temperatures are forecasted around or below freezing.

​Northern Lights over snow-clad mountains in the Faroe Islands. Photo by: Nico Vera Ortiz

Faroe Islands are located on 62° N on the south edge of the Arctic Circle. If you are in the Faroe Islands during the winter and the skies are clear, you are likely to catch a faint green aurora if you point your camera in a northern direction when it is dark.

Northern Lights are made by electrically charged particles. These tiny particles transform the thin air to an amazing light show.

To enhance your chances of seeing the Northern Lights, we recommend that you get out of town as city lights block the northern lights. If you are in Torshavn, take a ride up Oyggjarvegurin and drive up to Sornfelli. If you are in the northern islands head up to the northern part of the country preferably to the coastal village Viðareiði.

What are the Faroe Islands like during winter?

A slither of the Northern Lights near the island Mykines. You will get this view from the small village Gásadalur on Vágar island. Photo by Dylan Nicholson known as @amsterdamloco on Instagram.

During the winter season, the Faroe Islands are a tranquil place and you won’t meet many other travellers. Expect availability at hotels to be good and offers might be available.

The weather in the Faroe Islands varies a lot during the winter. A sunny day with clear sky can be followed by a rain-filled North Atlantic storm lasting for days. The outer islands can be difficult to access because of the weather, and if you do make it out to one of the outer islands and the weather deteriorates you might not be able to return before the weather again permits.

​The aurora borealis seen from Oyggjarvegur. Photo by Djake Mortensen.

On the mainland you will have no issues moving around. Deep snow rarely settles in the Faroe Islands and when it does it will be effectively cleared off the roads to allow the islanders to commute to and from work. Extreme weather conditions do occur and you might have to remain indoors but rarely for more than a few hours or a day.

You are most likely to see the Northern Lights if you are in the Faroe Islands a week before new moon. Then you will have a dark week ahead, which is the best condition when hunting the unbelievable phenomenon.

Seeing the Northern Lights dance on a clear and crisp winter night is something extraordinary. It is easily one of the most spectacular outdoor nature shows on this earth. 

Would you like to try your luck experiencing the shining Northern Lights in the Faroe Islands? Start out by getting to know how to get to the Faroe Islands by plane.

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