Hvannhagi Travel Guide

By Verified Expert

Hvannhagi is a beautiful valley on Suðuroy island far away from the city rush. In the middle of the valley lies a lake surrounded by steep mountains.

In order to get to Hvannhagi, you will hike for 1 hour from the town Tvøroyri. Hvannhagi is one of the most remote places in the Faroe Islands only discovered by very few people. You will have an undisturbed view of Lítla Dímun which is the smallest of the island that make up the Faroe Islands.

Hvannhagi holds extraordinary landscapes, which are quite easy to reach when on Suðuroy island. You will find the trailhead above the Hospital in the town Tvøroyri. Follow the orange-coloured posts along the route and you will get to Hvannhagi after an hour.

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