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How to get to Faroe Islands from North America

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How do you find flights to Faroe Islands from North America? Which airlines fly to the Faroe Islands? Did you know you have a choice between three airlines in order to reach the unbelievable Nordic archipelago? Read on to find out more travel information about how to go to Faroe Islands by air or by sea from North America.

Faroe Islands are a visually striking place with crashing waterfalls, epic mountains, and great opportunities for hiking tours. Travellers go to the Faroe Islands to embrace nature, slow down, and recharge. This is why Faroe Islands tourism is something people are starting to notice.

Getting from North America to Faroe Islands by flight

The unreal reality of the Faroe Islands. This photo is taken on Kalsoy island. Photo by Costas Kariolis on Shutterstock.

There are no direct flights from North America to the Faroe Islands. The local airline company in the Faroe Islands, Atlantic Airways, are planning to start a direct flight from New York’s JFK Airport to the Faroe Islands. The exact date for the launch is still to be revealed.

This will be the first time that there will be nonstop flights from North America to the Faroe Islands. Before the launch date is known and if you want to book a flight to the Faroe Islands before the New York flight is bookable, there are some other options.

Airlines Flying to the Faroe Islands

The church in Viðareiði sits in spectacular surroundings. Photo by Carlos Pimentel known as @carlospimentel__ on Instagram.

The easiest way to travel from North America to Faroe Islands is by hopping onto one of the multiple daily flights from Copenhagen Airport (CPH) to Vágar Airport (FAE). The airport is situated in the western part of the archipelago and is the port of arrival for all visitors travelling by flight to the Faroe Islands.

You have a choice between three carriers for the final flight to the Faroe Islands. All airlines operate routes to the Faroe Islands all year.

  • Atlantic Airways
  • Scandinavian Airlines
  • Widerøe

The local Faroese airline Atlantic Airways has operated on the route for more than 30 years. Scandinavian Airlines are based in the Nordic countries with a quality network of connecting flights. Widerøe is the largest regional airline company in the Nordics.

Atlantic Airways and Scandinavian Airlines use Airbus A320neo for all their services to the Faroe Islands. Widerøe operates with a 78-seater Dash-8 Q400 propeller on their route from Bergen on the Norwegian west coast to the Faroe Islands.

A lonely house near the village Sandavágur on Vágar island. Photo by Eugenia Di Pasquale known as @eugeniadipasquale on Instagram.

Besides daily departures from Copenhagen, Denmark, Atlantic Airways has departures on certain days of the week from Reykjavík, Iceland, to the Faroe Islands and from Edinburgh, Scotland, to the Faroe Islands. Flights from Edinburgh to Faroe Islands depart twice a week on Mondays and Thursdays from April to late December.

There is also a direct flight from Paris to Faroe Islands on Mondays and Thursdays from May to October. There are also departures from Barcelona during the summer season from June to late September.

The unbelievable west coast on Streymoy island. The island in the background is Vágar island where all flights to the Faroe Islands arrive. Photo by @jdubcaptures on Instagram.

Atlantic Airways has a direct route from Oslo in Norway each Wednesday. Sunday is added from May to mid October.

In addition, Atlantic Airways also operates a route from the Danish city Billund to the Faroe Islands. This route is flown several times a week. A route to another Danish city, Aalborg, is flown less frequently.

Can you fly direct from Iceland to Faroe Islands?

The waterfall in Gásadalur. This is one of the main attractions in the Faroe Islands. Poto by @daniwstorm on Instagram.

When coming from North America to the Faroe Islands, a good bet is to stop over at Keflavík airport, Iceland, and then take the flight from Iceland to Faroe Islands. This route operates twice a week throughout the year adding an extra departure from May.

The plane to Faroe Islands used to depart from the very small airport Reykjavíkurflugvöllur in Reyjavík city centre in the summer. Now, all flights from Iceland to the Faroe Islands depart from Keflavík International Airport (KEF).

You will fly with Atlantic Airways from Iceland to Faroe Islands. The airline company has also made their departing times from Keflavík International Airport fit to the flights arriving from North America. This makes it easy and seamless to get onboard your connecting flight to Faroe Islands.

Getting to the Faroe Islands by ferry

When taking the ferry to Faroe Islands, you can sail from either Iceland or Denmark. This is a map of the route for the passenger ferry Norröna sailing to Faroe Islands all year round.

If you are planning to go sailing to the Faroe Islands, the passenger ferry Norröna has regular departures from Hanstholm, Denmark, to the Faroese capital Torshavn.

Travellers coming from North America can take the ferry Norröna from Seyðisfjörður in Iceland. Norröna is the only ferry to Faroe Islands. It takes 15 hours to sail from Iceland to Faroe Islands with the ferry owned by Faroe Islanders.

Fossá - Guide to Faroe Islands
The awe-inspiring Fossá Waterfall, wihch drops in two levels and then flows into the North Atlantic ocean. Photo by @dom_reardon_photo on Instagram.

If you are a fan of unspoiled nature, the Faroe Islands definitely deserve a spot on your travel bucket list. The island group is still so unknown that travellers say that experiencing the Faroe Islands feels like you have the place for yourself.

What is really good to know before you decide to venture into unspoiled nature in the middle of the North Atlantic ocean is that the weather in the Faroe Islands is ever-changeable. This just adds to the moodiness of the archipelago.

Are you planning to head from North America to the Faroe Islands? You can start designing your trip by checking out the largest section of things to do and see in the Faroe Islands here.

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