4 must-see places in the Faroe Islands

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What are the must-see locations in the Faroe Islands? On which islands will you find the absolute best attractions? When and how do you visit these four need to discover places? Read on so you don’t miss out on the must-see attractions for first-time visitors to the Faroe Islands.

Nature crafted the Faroe Islands with endless beauty. This far-flung destination boast an impressive number of staggering wonders in a tidy area in the North Atlantic Ocean. 

There are breathtaking sceneries in all parts of this untouched archipelago. Below you will find four carefully selected places that visitors say are the best sceneries to explore out of an astonishing number of nature sights. Here are our picks for four must-see places to go in the Faroe Islands.

1. Klakkur

The hike to Klakkur will take you less than 1 hour. This attraction is one of many great locations in the Faroe Islands.

The panoramic view from Klakkur overlooking the ocean, fjords and mountains is one of the most unbelievable sights you’ll see in your life. The hike to the vantage point takes less than an hour. You’ll see birds flying underneath you and waves crashing into the craggy seaside on nearby islands.

This is the viewpoint on Borðoy island that everyone is talking about. You will reach Klakkur from the nearby town Klaksvík.

Enjoy the coastline, the surrounding mountains and the calmness of this scenic spot. You will understand and respect nature more deeply when standing at Klakkur overlooking the nearby islands Kalsoy and Kunoy.

Location: Borðoy island

2. Kallur Lighthouse

The trail to Kallur Lighthouse is moderate in difficulty. The view is stunning.

This is an amazing place which fully embraces the beauty of the vast North Atlantic Ocean. Together with the 100-year-old Kallur Lighthouse and surrounded by rough cliffs clad in layers of green grass, Kallur spikes towards a sky so blue it seems to merge with the sea.

This famous sight sits on the northern peak of the Kalsoy island. The hike to Kallur is a 2.4 mile trek and offers scenic views of the Northern Islands and Eysturoy island.

Hiking to this remote place on earth is a high point for every visitor. You can’t get closer to real nature than standing at Kallurin and embracing the beautiful view from this stunning place in the Faroe Islands.

Sheer cliffs on Eysturoy island in the background. Kallur Lighthouse on Kalsoy islands in the foreground.

At Kallur Lighthouse, you are standing on a high cliff and you’ll see thousands of birds fly around you. Kallurin is a must-see experience.

The striking view from the soaring heights of Kallurin is absolutely breathtaking. You will feel a true sense of peacefulness along the route from the small village Trøllanes and until you reach this top attraction in the Faroe Islands.

Location: Kalsoy island

3. Drangarnir

Drangarnir. The hike to Drangarnir is pretty tough and will take 2-3 hours each way. Most people prefer getting close to Drangarnir in a boat.

These rocky stacks on Vágar island are a fast growing attraction. Visitors really want to see these arched sea stacks surrounded by salty ocean and with a steep islet behind them.

The scenery is stunning and its beauty will blow you away. Drangarnir is among the most famous sights in the Faroe Islands.

The Drangarnir view is epic from the sea side. Photo by Pawel Zygmunt.

Most people prefer experience Drangarnir in a boat. The boat ride will save you a five hour exhausting hike in difficult terrain.

This Boat Tour to Drangarnir will take you all the way to this extraordinary nature spot. Boat tours to Drangarnir are made throughout the year.

A view to remember. Photo by Chris Poplawski known as @chrisroams on Instagram.

When experiencing Drangarnir from a boat, you will sit comfortable and not be bending your feet in the same angle for hours when walking on steep hillsides. Weather permitting, you will sail through the hole itself.

This is a place worth visiting all year around. If it is raining or windy with sunny spells, the scenery is other worldly no matter what time of year it is.

Location: Vágar island

4. Múlafossur

​Múlafossur Waterfall with the tiny village Gásadalur in the background. This waterfall is a main reason why tourism in the Faroe Islands is on the rise.

Múlafossur Waterfall plunges into the sea surrounded by coastal cliffs and stunning beauty. Just beside the waterfall lies the village Gásadalur covered by tender green fields and impressive mountains to all sides.

Múlafossur waterfall is an iconic place on Vágar island that will stay in your mind for the decades to come. This remote waterfall drops just over 30 meters (100 feet) from the cliff’s edge and straight into the North Atlantic Ocean. You will have the quaint village as an unmatched backdrop.

Location: Vágar island

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