Donald Trump in the Faroe Islands

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Can you meet Donald Trump in the Faroe Islands? Has the former president of the United States ever been in the untouched Nordic archipelago? Are there rock formation reassembling Trump in the Faroe Islands?

Donald Trump has recently made a rocky appearance in the Faroe Islands. Locals have noticed that when seen from a certain angle, a rock formation on one of the islands has a striking resemblance to the former US president.

There is a resemblance to Donald Trump in a rock formation on the Faroe Islands on the mountain Ørvisfelli.

Old Faroese folklore tells us that trolls and manlike creatures called “huldufólk” would roam freely in the Faroe Islands at night. But if they were still out at sunrise, they would turn into rocks as soon as the first rays of daylight hit them.

If the folklore is true or not we will never know, but it is a fact that here are many distinct rock formations in the Faroe Islands. Some of these rock formations have a striking resemblance to trolls, “huldufólk” and other fantasy beings.

How to get to Trump rock

If you want to explore the Trump rock, let’s just give it that name shall we, you will need to hike for 1-2 hours in the mountains of north Streymoy island between Saksun and Vestmanna.

The route is unmarked and the terrain can be challenging. It is highly recommended inexperienced hikers to book a private guide for the hike.

Experienced hikers who wish to do the hike on their own should first contact Vestmanna Tourist Centre. The service desk at the tourist information in Vestmanna can help with permission and advice on the best route.

The Giant and the Witch

The famous sea-cliffs Risin & Kellingin on Eysturoy island. The rock formation can be seen from both Streymoy, Eysturoy and Kalsoy island.

The two adjacent sea-cliffs, the Giant and the Witch, is one such rock formation best visible from Tjørnuvík and Slættaratindur. On a long moonlit night, the Giant and the Witch walked across the ocean from Iceland and tied a rope onto one of the Faroe Islands.

The Giant and the Witch planned to pull the Faroe Islands next to the neighbouring country Iceland, or so the folklore goes. But while they were pulling, the sun came up, and both creatures were instantly turned into the two sea-cliffs that you see today.

The Trump rock More recently, another rock formation in the Faroe Islands has received some attention. Locals found that from a certain angle, a rock on Ørvisfelli mountain has a striking likeness to the sitting US president Donald Trump. As far as we know, Donald Trump has not yet set foot in the Faroe Island nor has he been turned into a rock formation by the rays of the sun.

Safe Hiking in the Faroe Islands

The Giant and the Witch are a famous rock formation in the Faroe Islands folklore. Here the sea-stacks are seen from Kallurin on Kalsoy island. Photo by Alessio Messiano.

Hiking in the Faroe Islands has its challenges, especially as the weather can change quickly. Proper preparation, good shoes and warm clothes are a must even during the summer season.

Exploring the Faroe Islands in a pair of hiking boots is fantastic. We highly recommend anyone wanting to hike in the mountains to familiarise themselves with the guide to safe hiking in the Faroe Islands.

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