Búgvin Travel Guide

By Verified Expert

This is a large sea-stack north of the village Gjógv on Eysturoy island. In order to get a view of the rock formation, you will hike from Gjógv to the beautiful valley Ambadalur. Here you will get a striking view of Búgvin, at 188 metre the highest vertical freestanding sea stack in the Faroe Islands. This immense sea stack is a safe haven for seabirds. It has large colonies of guillemots and kittiwakes.

The sea-stack itself is packed with birds. There are also lots of birds flying around the sea stack and birds nesting on the huge basalt rock alike.

The valley of Ambadalur is an one hour hike from the village of Gjógv. The hike is absolutely worth the time and effort.

Head towards northwest from Gjógv and you will reach Ambadalur and you will be awarded with the best view of Búgvin. And you will even see Risin & Kellingin in the background.

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