Klaksvík Travel Guide

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Klaksvík is the second largest city in the Faroe Islands. Located in unbelievable settings on Borðoy island, the community is very much anchored in its fishing culture.

You can enjoy a great view of Kunoyarnakki from Klaksvík. The nature attraction Klakkur is perched on the mountain ridge above Klaksvík.

The ferry to the popular Kalsoy island depart from the harbour in Klaksvík. The ferry SAM sails between Klaksvík and Syðradalur on Kalsoy island.

You will see the pyramid mountain Kunoyarnakki from everywhere in Klaksvík. Photo by Mayank Thammalla known as @mayankt on Instagram.

The Norðoyartunnilin sub-sea tunnel connects Borðoy island to the island Eysturoy. When you drive out of the tunnel from Eysturoy to Borðoy, you will enter Klaksvík straight away. You will also pass Klaksvík when heading to the islands Kunoy and Viðoy. These two islands are linked to Borðoy island with embankments.

There is a hospital in Klaksvík as well as a post office, pharmacy, and other services. There are also a couple of cafés in the town and restaurants too.

Klaksvík is home to the football club . All matches on homeground are played on the football field located centrally in the town.

Just a stone’s throw from the football pitch lies the indoor swimming pool in Klaksvík. The swimming bath is family friendly with funny activities for children and parents.

An aerial view of the area around the football field in Klaksvík. Photo by Guide to Faroe Islands.

Most companies in Klaksvík are linked to the ocean. You will see lots of vessels along the harbour when in the city.

Even though most people work in the fishing industry, there are some exception. Føroya Bjór is one of them. The oldest brewery in the Faroe Islands and dates back to 1888. Føroya Bjór brew a variety of beers and soft drinks available all across the islands.

Annika Waag is the CEO at Føroya Bjór. The brewing company has been within the same family since Annika’s great-grandfather brewed his first beer in Klaksvík back in 1888. Photo by Guide to Faroe Islands.
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