Norðradalur Travel Guide

By Verified Expert

The highest point Norðradalsskarð on the road leading to Norðradalur is one of the most hearthbreakingly beautiful sights in the Faroe Islands. You will get a great natural panorama with towering mountains and sheer coastline cliffs. Norðradalur translates directly to the Northern Valley.

The small farm village lies on the western side of Streymoy island. The three mountains Fjallið millum Botnar (690 metres), Stiðjafjall (547 metres) and Tungulíðfjall (535 metres) make up the foundation of the valley Norðradalur.

You will get to Norðradalur when driving on the mountain road Oyggjarvegur. This is the old road leading to the capital Tórshavn. Oyggjarvegur was the only option to get to Tórshavn before the tunnel from Kollafjørður to Kaldbaksbotnur opened in 1991.

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