Slættanes Travel Guide

By Verified Expert

Slættanes is an abandoned settlement on Vágar island in the unbelievable Faroe Islands. In mid 1950, more than hundred people lived in the village. The village is located in the most remote part of the island.

Settlers moved away to nearby villages due to no electricity and no road connection. There are still well preserved houses in the village. These houses are owned by former residents and their decendants.

The abandoned village Slættanes seen from sea.

Visiting Slættanes gives you a unique insight to premodern life in the Faroe Islands. The atmosphere is peaceful with no motor vehicles for miles around.

It requires a full day hiking to experience the unpopulated Slættanes. There are public hiking paths to Slættanes from several villages on Vágar island. The hike will take you 4hrs in each direction.

The easiest hike to Slættanes is from the village Sørvágur next to the international Vágar Airport. Check out the hiking route from Sørvágur to Slættanes here. The most breathtaking hiking route starts in the village Gásadalur. This hiking path requires more effort.

When joining a boat tour to the Vestmanna Sea Cliffs, the boat will sail quite close to Slættanes. This gives you an opportunity to experience the unpopulated village from the seaside.

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